Chinese activist accuses Apple supplier Foxconn of water contamination


It just isn’t well for Apple’s supply chain. Consistent with the Wall boulevard Journal, outstanding Chinese activist Ma Jun has launched a record that puts Apple’s supplier Falcon (sometimes called Hon Hay) beneath fire. The record used to be released using Ma Jun’s Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs alongside four other nonprofit establishments.

The document accuses the supplier of releasing water with excessive levels of metals into a river that feeds the Huangpu river in Shanghai. Alongside the record can also be a video that shows the wastewater, which is somewhat darkish and grim, being launched from what is alleged to be a Falcon facility.


Foxconn is below fire from environmental activists

by this, Falcon has released a remark explaining that the wastewater released from its facility meets the emission standards and “has been processed in line with all related executive rules and environmental rules.” according to Falcon, different firms have facilities in the same industrial park and discharge wastewater into the same river.

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Again in February, the Chinese language Ministry of Environmental protection declined to unencumber the implications of a multi-yr. Nationwide soil-air pollution survey. According to researchers, alternatively, between 8 and 20 pics of China’s arable land is also contaminated with heavy metals.

In step with WSJ, Kansan Environmental safety Bureau Deputy Director Ding Young has said that the government is currently investigating the document’s claims and has taken samples from the wastewater.

Ma’s organization has earlier released stories that interested by abuses in Apple’s provide chain. However, he did praise the corporate when Apple carried out an environmental audit back in 2011.