Snowden could be consultant at Russian parliament


Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who recently obtained a temporary residence permit in Russia, might be invited to work as a specialist for the United States of America’s parliament, a lawmaker said today.

“I am going to speak about with Snowden conceivable cooperation with a working staff (coping with citizens’ privacy rights and private information security),” Russian Gattarov, a member of the Federation Council, or the upper home of parliament, advised Interfax news agency, in step with Xinhua.

Gattarov, additionally a member of the ruling United Russia birthday party, chairs the tips policy commission of the higher house to which the working workforce subordinates.


Snowden in the Russian parliament?

The crew is getting ready for a bill to toughen the rules of private data protection in our online world. The flesh presser mentioned he thought to be the previous US national safety company (NSA) contractor “an extremely certified skilled” in the knowledge protection sphere.

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Snowden may assist Russian internet companies in figuring out a leak-proof device, Gattarov introduced. In July, Gattarov asked the general prosecutor to investigate and cross-check alleged Russian and world rules violations using the social networking website fob.

On August 1, Russia granted Snowden 12 months-long asylum, permitting him to quietly slip out of Moscow airport, where he had been holed up for nearly six weeks. Russia rebuffed Washington’s requests to extradite Snowden to face fees of excessive treason.

The White Home has stated it will announce in the coming days whether President Barack Obama goes to cancel his scheduled September visit to Russia.