Zynga to shut down studio behind Draw Something


Ailing recreation firm Zing has finalized its plans to shut down OMGPOP—a well-known studio for its notorious Pictionary clone Draw One Thing. In keeping with TechCrunch, OMGPOP failed to want to go down with no struggle. The OMGPOP crew tried to work things out with Zing and offered to buy back the website or proceed with running it. However, Zing seems to have refused, and the studio is set to shut down its shutters.

Consistent with TechCrunch, multiple individuals of the OMGPOP staff attempted to buy the OMGPOP web page, video games, and IP related to it independently again. The staff even reportedly provided to work on the studio without cost. Zing, citing too much legwork within the felony division, is determined not to promote anything else. The company instead opted to put off all of OMGPOP’s workers.


Draw something will be some of the few survivors of the transfer

The OMGPOP web page is ready to shut down on September 30, and plenty of games, except for the ever-fashionable Draw One Thing and the sequel, will probably be shut down on August 29. This comprises Cupcake Nook, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ, and Snoops.

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Zing had repurchased OMGPOP in March, the last 12 months in a $200 million deal. Whether the OMGPOP group attempted to buy back the corporation with the same ticket is unknown.

This has been any other in a series of value-slicing moves for Zing. Recently, the studio has been headed by new CEO Don Mat trick, well-known for his work in Microsoft and through the advertising of the Xbox One. Again, in July, Zing announced a lack of $15.eight million. The corporate has also suffered a 45 % drop in daily customers.