YouTube to host Geek Week starting August 4


There’s no better time to be a geek, says YouTube, and we agree! The video-sharing site is prepping as much as hosting the primary ever “Geek Week” online. Starting August 4, the week-lengthy geek competition will see YouTube shifting the limelight on one of the vital, much-loved YouTube channels frequented by those with a tech bent of thoughts. Offering credit to the likes of Game of Thrones, the Large Bang concept, Harry Potter, and The Avengers, the YouTube workforce in a blog has stated that the geek tradition has spawned a global community on the web page that has enabled fans internationally express their love for science and science fiction, comics, gaming, and superheroes.


Go, geek

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The team says that more than half of the top 20 non-tune channels somehow relate to the geek tradition. To honor this tradition of fans in the community, YouTube will host a special programming experience from August 4 to August 10. the programmers might be held on Week and can characterize over one hundred channels alongside Nerdish in America and Channel Flip in the UK. The channels will feature some popular shows already on YouTube and some new subject matter.

Every day will be hosted by a distinct US channel that will show off the day’s uniqueness in a video and exhibit some more on the subject. YouTube has gone beforehand and christened days with some no longer-so-cool names like Blockbuster Sunday and Brainier Tuesday. World Geezer Monday – that additional claims will have “Anime from Tokyo, comedian e-book heroes from Delhi, and a get-together of Dr. Who.” Bookmark the Geek Week channel, folks, for YouTube; folks are ready to exhibit some point-of-fact interesting content to satiate all of your geeky facets in August.