Would you wear an iPhone as a fashion necklace?

Vanesa Rey iPhone necklace

Is that this delightful, cheesy, or delightfully tacky?

Smartphone owners steadily grown up their telephones to be able to replicate their particular person personalities and feel of type. They may opt for red rhinestones, faux alligator, or sedate leather-based. Another choice is to simply throw caution to the wind and purchase a Vanessa Ray necklace case to turn your iPhone into an enormous piece of jewelry.

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Described as a tech style accent, the necklace is essentially a case on a sequence. The chain is removable and the design also contains a slim wallet for carrying some money and cards.

Designed for the iPhone 5 and 5S, costs start at $99 for an undeniable leather-based case. If you happen to go the necklace route, though, you shouldn’t accept a simple leather-based case. You wish to drop $149 for a bedazzled, crystal-encrusted model in both real leather and vegan pretend leather.

In a world of ladies’ style the place pockets are ceaselessly lacking from garments, there will be some experience in wearing your phone around your neck, in straightforward reach always. You’re less more likely to miss an essential call or message than if it’s been sucked into the bottomless depths of your purse.