WMW 900th Capture: Crime Stoppers tip leads to arrest of wanted Level III intercourse wrongdoer


KING COUNTY — Officers with the Department of Corrections Northwest Community Response Unit arrested Level three intercourse perpetrator William Pritchard on Monday at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds after receiving a nameless Crime Stoppers tip from a Washington’s Most Wanted viewer.

The 29-year-old has convictions for Extortion and Stalking. “He’s a Level III intercourse perpetrator, hadn’t registered. We didn’t know in which he turned into. A guy like this, we need to recognize,” said King County Sheriff John Urquhart.

After telling officers he decided to ‘go big’ considering he was already going to prison, Pritchard was being dealt with at the health center. He admitted that he had been partying, considering that he attended Capitol Hill’s Pride Day on June 24 and took any drug someone would supply him for free.

He informed officials he has been in Tacoma, Olympia, Snohomish, Monroe, and Federal Way, where he went to a $three movie. He visited the Suzzalo Library at UW each day to apply the net to check his Facebook page, which he took down after he became featured on Washington’s Most Wanted. He is the 900th fugitive captured thanks to suggestions from visitors.

“These are sex offenders, those are robbers, those are human beings which have assaulted people and in which they need to be is in jail, and Washington’s Most Wanted has been an exquisite help in doing that. 900 captures. That’s notable. Those are 900 human beings, no longer all of whom we’d have been able to arrest as quickly as we’ve got,” stated Urquhart.

Washington’s Most Wanted to be started in 2008 in partnership with Crime Stoppers and airs on Q13 FOX Friday nights at 11 p.M., Saturday nights at 9:30 p.M. On JOEtv and 10:30 p.M. On Q13 FOX, in addition to at 10:30 p.M. On KAYU in Spokane, KCYU in Yakima, and KFFX in the Tri-Cities.

“When we began this display with David Rose and Q13 FOX, we’re going, ‘I marvel if it’s going to paintings?’ Well, yeah, it does paintings. 900 captures. Are you kidding me? That’s excellent. Why do we have 900? Because you care, P3 Tips App, the hotline, all of those matters. Now, we have 900 captures, and now we’re on the countdown to 1,000. This is implausible, and we actually need to take the time to thanks for getting all 900 of those fugitives captured,” said Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound.

Common Myths About Child Sexual Abuse and Incest

The first response the general public of human beings shape whilst listening to sexual toddler abuse or incest is denial: “I do now not need to be worried about that during my network.” “That might in no way take place in my own family.”

WMW 900th Capture: Crime Stoppers tip leads to arrest of wanted Level III intercourse wrongdoer 1

The improbable reality is that someone who sexually abuses youngsters may also appear very average every day to the world. They can be a pacesetter in the church, network, commercial enterprise, sports teach scout chief, or movie star. Sex offenders do no longer healthy, a classic stereotype, and are not necessarily uneducated, unemployed, impoverished, or alcoholic.

Most people find sexual abuse and incest even more difficult to accept as true with or receive when a sex perpetrator is a person they like, admire, love, and/or marry. Tragically, the unwillingness to accept the statistics regarding sex offenders leaves youngsters susceptible to becoming sufferers and increases the probability they’ll be abused.

Myth: Rape/incest runs within the family–it’s miles within the genes.

Fact: Rape isn’t within the genes within the family of a person who rapes. Rape is perpetrated by way of a person who’s appearing outraged. Physical and sexual infant abuse is most people’s component in developing the extent of rage that compels all people to devote rape, domestic violence, or murder. We have acknowledged for a long term that the one commonality among rapists is physical and/or sexual toddler abuse. Serial killer Ted Bundy is a classic example of this phenomenon. Since their own family members sexually abuse 80% of sexual baby abuse survivors, there are normally several generations within a rapist’s circle of relatives–on occasion, each maternal and paternal. Current records monitor 70% of kids are bodily abused as soon as per week. It is believed the variety of kids who are physically abused has reduced over the past 15 years. However, the cutting-edge rapists might have grown up in the technology when bodily abuse became more prominent. Therefore, we acan count ona high percentage of human beings who’re potential rapists whilst we bear in mind that date rape and rape in domestic violence are seldom stated or, if it is reported, are seldom prosecuted. Therefore, society has no manner to get the right of entry to the wide variety of rapes committed in line with a capital.

Myth: Children lie or fantasize about sexual activities with adults.

Fact: Using developmental phrases, young youngsters can not make up express sexual information. They ought to be uncovered to it to talk approximately it. Sometimes a parent will educate a child to record sexual abuse falsely. The key indicators of the falseness in one of these records are the kid’s incapacity to explain specific information, the lack of ability to demonstrate the act, or gross inconsistencies within the account.