WhatsApp’s new reputation updates characteristic is a similar to Snapchat tales


When a rival app-maker comes up with a famous feature, the very best reaction is to replicate it — as a minimum, that is what Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has achieved. As rumored in advance, WhatsApp on Tuesday introduced an overhaul of its “status” tab that replaces text-based total messages similar to Snapchat’s popular “Stories” function. WhatsApp’s rolled out the replacement for its billion-plus customers on Tuesday on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Status can now be published the usage of the in-app digital camera. A consumer can take a photo or video and overlay it with textual content, sketches or emojis, or all. The status update can be regarded for 24 hours, and then, like in Snapchat, it will robotically expire. Another Snapchat-like characteristic is the “seen through” counter. This is not the first time a Facebook property has cloned a Snapchat “tales” characteristic. Instagram did it in August; a month later, Facebook Messenger did some copying, too. And in January, Facebook added the “testimonies” function, which is being betaed tested and available to restricted users. Ditto for Facebook Messenger.

The addition of this feature on WhatsApp seems to symbolize a shift – it’s going to permit customers to scroll via content material shared publicly utilizing their contacts for the primary time. WhatsApp, the world’s biggest messaging app, until now has been an immediate messaging platform. A document on Forbes advised it could be a try via Facebook to monetize WhatsApp.

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Read may additionally soon help you respond to repute messages, mute them. “Status will trade that use case for the primary time. It additionally potentially opens the door to messages from businesses, or as a substitute, advertisers. WhatsApp stated greater than a yr ago that it becomes searching at ways that groups could ship messages to its customers in an unobtrusive and useful way,” the record stated on Tuesday.

“Facebook has been able to make billions in sales every region from advertisers precisely because it could insert their films and photos into its content-heavy Newsfeed,” the file introduced.

WhatsApp Users Get Voice Calling Feature


the users of the Android model of mobiles have good information. The software WhatsApp has been given the voice calling function to use the net telephony efficaciously. The employer has already rolled out this replacement to some users a few months lower back on the trial basis. On the flip, these privileged customers handed this replacement directly to others via making WhatsApp name at some stage in the time-constrained invite windows. After the first trial, the company had rolled out for the public to avail this carrier. Since then, several users had used this selection to make a call at a miles lower fee. However, they did now not get hold of any invitations in this regard. This is the cause why many humans had not been aware of this replacement for some time. It similarly delivered that it’s far running at the iOS6 version of this replace. The iPhone customers started availing of this option later.

Initial Evaluation

The agency had sent the updates to 3 humans to check its new capability. The company had even nicely ushed its updated version in Google Play for its use on a trial foundation. Later, the users needed to look out continuously for purchasing updates in their location in decided-on sites. There became every other source for buying the updates. It changed my way of visiting the employer website for downloading the app report. People downloaded the new version and used it to present their remarks. Based on the remarks, WhatsApp brought some adjustments to the new feature to get the very last approval. Finally, WhatsApp got here out with the strong model that offered the voice calling facility.

How to Get this Feature?

The users can download today’s model WhatsApp from the corporation internet site to prompt its voice calling feature. However, this selection is visible on WhatsApp version 2.12. Five in a few Smartphones, human beings would have to download and install the brand new 2.12.9 model to get this capability completely. Human beings will find the instructions for installing the new version and activating the new facility inside the enterprise website.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

AThe company has introduced the voice call functionality in another popular cellular platform, iOS6, some months later. fter activating this capability, the person will get a brand new three-tab format that capabilities Contacts, Chats, and Calls functionalities. They want to go to the Calls tab to tap the smartphone icon to make a call. On tapping the smartphone icon, they would get a contact list to select a contact to make the first internet name. Since this option is not supported in other versions of WhatsApp, they may not see the list of contacts of different people who have this new software installed. Some months later, users owning mobiles with other systems would watch for a slightly longer time period.