What’s your largest Windows 10 puppy peeve?


Building software in an effort to fulfill anybody is not clean, so there may be certain to be something about Windows 10 that just annoys you. That’s k.

Windows has had its fair share of issues over time, and the decades, a number of which have become notorious like the blue screen of death (BSOD). Windows 10 is, on the whole, an awesome piece of software, however, it is now not ideal via any stretch.

There are annoyances to be located all through the complete OS, and it is this that is the topic of the present day discussion in the Windows Central boards.

One of my biggest puppy peeves is that Microsoft eliminated the ability to use your default browser with Cortana seek. I do not use Microsoft Edge and that is my desire to make, and I also not use Cortana to go looking due to the fact the one’s results will open in a one-of-a-kind browser to my default. It’s a shame because I used to apply that feature plenty.

There are certain to be lots greater puppy peeves obtainable, although, so hit the boards hyperlink beneath and inform us what you desire Microsoft could make higher!

If you can not install the MYSQL2 gem in Windows, you want to download the C-Header documents from MYSQL. Unlike different gems, MYSQL2 requires direct linking into a number of the local construct documents furnished by way of the library. Unless you’ve got MYSQL mounted already, it way you need to download – and reference – this library from the Internet.

The hassle is that because the MYSQL2 gem requires sure files to help it connect to the Internet, the gem uses those to a construct. The error you will get hold of will point out “Failed to construct native extensions”. This method your Windows system did now not have the header files required for the gem to be installed efficiently.

The way to clear up this is to first log onto the MYSQL internet site and search for “C-Connector”. This is basically the “motive force” for MYSQL, permitting Windows to name some of the pre-compiled features to help it speak with local or outside MYSQL installations. The motive of this download is to make certain your laptop has the necessary files to put in the gem.

Once you have got found the MYSQL C-Connector report, you need to download it to your hard drive. From this, unzip the document and place its contents to your tough drive. You must put it on a path which has no areas, otherwise, the setup reference will damage. A course together with C:/downloads/MySQL-c-connector/documents will work excellent. Please notice you do NOT want to put in this – best download the zipped archive, we are able to take away it after the gem has been set up.

If you’ve got downloaded and positioned the files for your tough pressure, you want to then deploy the gem again. To do that, you have to load up CMD and kind the following command “gem installation mysql2 –platform=ruby — ‘–with-myself-dir=”C:MySQL-connector-course”‘”.

This command will reference the newly set up MYSQL C-Connector library files which Ruby requires to construct the gem. If you’ve got downloaded/hooked up it efficiently, this need to permit Ruby to install the specified files and so on. If a success, the cmd will provide an explanation for the gem has been hooked up; if not, it’s going to in all likelihood be which you have either downloaded the wrong documents OR you haven’t were given some other necessary library installed in your machine.

Since Windows comes with no outside libraries, it is essential to put in any required from the Internet. This is one of the motives most people do not like growing with Windows – in the long run, if you’re capable of downloading the ideal header documents, you should be pleasant.

Microsoft made a big splash with its release of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. For many PC users, switching to the brand new OS is a no-brainer, whilst for others, it’s a neat name. If you haven’t decided whether or not your business is ready to make the switch, here’s a more in-depth observe Windows 10 to help you decide if the brand new OS is genuinely higher, more potent, and quicker.


Upgrade to Windows 10 for free! Users with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 can receive the new OS free of the price until July 29, 2016. Windows 10 is loose for the life of the tool, that means help and updates at no charge as long as Microsoft supports the running system.

Windows Vista, XP, 7 Enterprise, 8/8.1 Enterprise and RT/RT eight.1 are excluded from this free offer. These OS’s require a charge of $119 in step with the Home license or $199 per Pro license to improve to Windows 10. However, if you have Software Assurance with such an OS’s, then your upgrade is unfastened.


Windows 7 and Windows eight are approaching stop of guide quicker than we might like to assume. By upgrading to Windows 10, you advantage years of extra mainstream and the prolonged assist. Here’s a comparison of the working gadget assist lifecycles for Windows 10 vs. Windows eight vs. Windows 7:

Operating System End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support

Windows 7 January thirteen, 2015 January 14, 2020
Windows 8 January nine, 2018 January 10, 2023
Windows 10 October thirteen, 2020 October 14, 2025

Windows 10 brings brought years of mainstream and prolonged support. End of a mainstream guide means that Microsoft will now not decorate the product, however, there will nevertheless be the aid for protection and reliability problems. End of extended support nevertheless affords safety and reliability assist; however, this marks the stop of assist for non-security hotfixes, requests for brand new capabilities and designs, and assurance claims.