Two iPods at two different Target stores



A bookie could have given long odds on this one; however, here’s the tale of Jim Navarre. Or at least the story he tells.

He says he was determined to buy his spouse an iPod at a San Diego Goal retailer for Christmas. I wasn’t aware individuals nonetheless bought iPods. It seems, although, that they do.

Navarre’s wife reportedly didn’t enjoy the reward very much; when she opened the box, she found the handiest erasers and index cards.

As San Diego’s CBS 8 reviews, Navarre stated he used to be very stunned. The reduced wrap looked genuine. It was once merely the contents that were not. So he took it back to Target- a different Target retailer in San Diego- because it had occurred.


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At this target, they believed his story. They requested Navarre to select a new field from the display. “We get a black one out of the case; bring it to the entrance. I tell the lady, you realize what? I would like you to open it this time because I do not want to take it dwelling and have it be full of erasers and then you, in reality, will not believe me,” he told CBS 8.

You will not consider this; however, this iPod box was also allegedly stuffed with erasers — albeit of different colors. And, well, no iPod.

Dear mathematicians and actuaries, what are the possibilities that a person would walk into two different target outlets and make a selection of two iPod boxes, both of which have their essence erased?

Still, the goal says it is investigating this newest obvious try to defraud harmless Apple buyers. It gave this observation to ABC7 news: “We took this incident seriously and worked immediately with the visitor to resolve the difficulty and make it proper. We are looking into this incident and haven’t any more information to share.”

It can be actual that some persons are fooled through rogues in parking loads, quite than outlets — equivalent to the woman who paid $ hundred eighty for an iPad made of wood or the British man who paid $390 for an iPad and got a field of potatoes.

However, famed British retailer Tesco sold a person an iPad box that most effectively contained clay. (He was once put in the reformatory for a while, as no person believed him.)

Once more, we should iterate the same phrases of caution: open the field before you leave the shop. Some outlets may not be as it sounds, as if figuring out the target in San Diego. Some would possibly want to erase you from their list of good-faith clients.