ON FEBRUARY 2, 2011, a horde of fellows, armed with lengthy sticks and whips and using camels and horses, attacked loads of heaps of protesters who packed Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, parting the group as if it were the Red Sea and scattering protesters as they went. The horses’ saddles had been an excellent read, conventional and ornate. However, the day was nothing but joyful. A dozen humans died. Many trusted that the attackers had been undercover agents of President Hosni Mubarak’s regime, even though trials afterward could not affirm this. Egyptians call the “Battle of the Camels” a sly reference to a 7th-century internecine struggle among Muslims.


An outstanding Egyptian dissident later told me the story from his attitude.

Starting together with his surprise at hearing the trampling hooves on the asphalt, seeing the heads of the animals above the gang, and looking at confusion and anger spread in waves through the packed square. “I laughed very hard,” he stated, “because, for the first time since it all started, I became sure we had received. Surely, I thought, we had gained.”

I questioned whether he had misplaced his thoughts. After ten days of violence, tear gasoline, anxiety, and no sleep, that could have been understandable.

But he was proper. It has been a turning factor.

Mubarak’s acts had been each. As he explained to me, letting free thugs on camelback showed just how determined and out-of-contract Mubarak’s regime had ended up. While camels flooded the square, Tahrir activists have been busy giving stay interviews to the BBC and other global media outlets through smuggled satellite TV for PC telephones and tweeting over contraband Internet connections. Although Mubarak had closed down the Internet—except a single ISP, the Noor network—and all mobile phones simply earlier than the “Battle of the Camels,” protesters had pierced the Internet blockade within hours. They remained in charge of their message, which was heard around the sector, as it became the information of the Internet shutdown.

Mubarak’s acts had been futile because the protests had already been beneath manner.

It was counterproductive because worried households, unable to call their younger family, rushed to Tahrir Square. The sheer, unrestrained brutality of the camel assault and the clumsiness of shutting down all verbal exchange networks underscored the lack of ability of Mubarak’s crumbling autocracy to understand the spirit of the time, the power of the youthful protesters, and the converted statistics environment. Camels and sticks as opposed to satellite TV for PC telephones and Twitter. The seventeenth century meets the twenty-first century. Indeed, the Internet in Egypt soon returned online, and Mubarak, unable to include or permanently repress the huge crowds, was compelled to surrender shortly after that.

Twitter – A Perfect Fit for Microsoft?

Recently beat down by negative income, Twitter (TWTR) has to turn out to be more attractive to potential suitors – but who suits the invoice nicely? In my opinion, Microsoft (MSFT) stands out as the very first-class in shape.


It’s easy, having received LinkedIn (with a view to, with any luck, quickly be included within the ubiquitous Office suite), Twitter might give the software program giant a powerful social community element to spherical out Office.

Twitter claims to have over 300 million energetic users every month. However, its overall reach is stated to be 800 million human beings. This, of the path, includes tweets outside of Twitter, including those on the lowest of reality TV suggests, news and carrying occasions, etc. And so forth. Unfortunately, Twitter currently pronounced that the variety of modern region users improved by 1% over the prior region. That did no longer help its case with buyers.

To counter this apparent stagnation in growth, Twitter has recently created a new consumer app named Nuzzel. This new app indicates conventional Twitter customers, whose links are sent out to the maximum of people a person follows.

Additionally, a new moments tab was added to bring customers even more applicable content at once.

Yet, one of the most important issues facing users remains to locate the tremendous quantity of content material that Twitter maintains to build up. For instance, how can a pupil do studies or a professional seeking statistics on a selected topic search through Twitter to get entry quickly?

But what if Twitter were obtained using Microsoft and included in the Office suite?

Now, consider having the social community electricity of tweeting immediately from Outlook. An email (or sections of it) ought to, without difficulty, be tweeted out to the group(s) with the speed of a few mouse clicks – properly earlier than it’s far sent to its meant recipients.

Or, consider all through the composition of a Word document the ability to tweet out all (or part) of a document to selected businesses? Excel might benefit by again allowing all (or components) of a spreadsheet to be tweeted out to a group(s). In PowerPoint (and sure, even Publisher), whole shows will be tweeted to choose groups. The near-on-the-spot feedback alone would be worth the price.

Social Toxicity, Adolescence, and Social Media

As a middle college trainer, I am thrown into the front lines of the social media struggle between scholars and the real world. I recognize that the term war when regarding kids and social media is very strong, but we’re actually in combat to shop the minds of our adolescent teenagers. I was in college while Facebook and MySpace were newly launched, so I have a steady photo of how things have stepped forward through time. Toda, scholars leaving the realm of Facebook best show this type of Snap Chat to different social media outlets. With the improvement of smart telephones, it’s miles extraordinarily smooth for a young baby to be inundated into a global that is unluckily filled with personage fabric. Introducing smartphones and social media into our regular lives has created disastrous situations.

Being a faculty instructor

I can even be exposed to college students who use social media. Listening to the conversations among the scholars, I can not help but imagine how many socially terrible behaviors these youngsters realize compared to what I knew at that age. I understand that suicide is an extreme example. How, generally, in the media, do we have to hear about a toddler committing suicide for cyberbullying because they published a sensitive photograph of themselves on a social media site?

So let us not forget this. It has already been tested that children of today who are always using a few kinds of media tools for social media are not studying or losing any interpersonal abilities. Nowadays, early life does not recognize a way to speak differently with adults and each other in the real world. The lack of interpersonal skills will destroy the child after they enter existence. How typically have you ever long passed right into a restaurant and seen your own family or a collection of pals getting ready to have dinner? No one in the group speaks to each other because their heads are buried in the smart telephone. The way I see it, in case you are going to do that, you may as properly devour by way of yourself or eat at home.


At the end of 2015, we had no idea what to anticipate from 2016, but we plunged into it all the same, trusting God to be manual, direct, and provide for us. The 12 months of 2016 ended, and God became procircumstancesre witwaso matter our instances. He fulfilled His promise, “When you pass via the waters, I could be with you; and when you bypass through rivers, they may not sweep over you. When you walk through the fireplace, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze, for I am the Lord, your God” (Isaiah forty-three:2-3 NIV).

You may additionally have skilled unwell-health, monetary problems

Loss of a loved one or other hardships in 2016, but God venerated His Word and sustained you! Do you understand, or do you have any idea what 2017 holds? Please do not answer “sure” because you will claim to be God, which you aren’t. Only God is aware of destiny!

Jesus warns us, and our experience confirms, “In this world, you’ll have the problem” (John 16:33 NIV). The 12 months of 2017 will surely deliver their demanding situations, but we’re endorsed because Jesus stated, “Take coronary heart! I even have overcome the sector” (John sixteen:33 NIV). This warning applies as long as we are inside the global. The date is irrelevant. If we accept as true that Jesus is the equal the previous day, and today, and for all time (see Hebrews 13:8), then we understand He will continue to be devoted, and He will keep His Word and walk us through 2017, just as He walked us through 2016 and all of the years before that.

Not understanding the details of 2017 may be scary, however

We can maintain directly to His promise that announces, “Do no longer worry, for I am with you; do no longer be dismayed, for I am your God. I will toughen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous proper hand” (Isaiah forty-one:10 NIV).