Top Five Benefits Swimming Has On Your Skin


The health benefits of swimming are fairly well known to even casual swimmers. However, when it comes to swimming and your skin, there is a common perception that all that chlorine doesn’t do your skin any favors. While it is true that too much chlorine can leave your skin dry, there are some surprising ways that swimming may actually benefit your skin. Some of the positive benefits of swimming on your skin are more noticeable if you opt for natural swimming at the beach or in a pool with lower chlorine levels. That said, here are the top five benefits swimming can have on your skin:


1. Naturally Preventing Acne

Chlorine purifies water molecules in your skin and attacks bacteria that cause acne by lowering the walls within bacteria cells. While too much chlorine certainly can take its toll on your skin, this isn’t the case if you happen to be prone to breakouts of acne. As long as you moisturize to prevent dryness, you’re likely to notice a decrease in breakouts over time as you continue to swim.

2. Removal of Toxins from Skin

Swimming involves constant motion that increases your heart rate, which in turn gives a boost to your metabolism. Not only does a faster metabolism help you lose weight, but it also helps removes excess toxins from your skin. This naturally cleanses your pores and gives your skin a healthier look and feel.

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3. Better Skin Tone Through Weight Loss

As previously mentioned, an increased metabolism can certainly make it easier to lose weight. The more you swim, the more likely you are to take off those unwanted pounds. When you do lose weight, it also has an impact on your skin. Since you’ll have more flexibility as you lose weight, your skin tone will improve over time.

4. Increased Circulation

Regular swimming literally gets the blood pumping. This translates to better circulation. You’ll get a similar effect by taking a tip in some cold water. A few laps in a heated pool will have a similar impact if a cold swim isn’t your thing. An increase in circulation flushes your veins, capillaries, and arteries, which eventually extends to the blood vessels in your skin.

5. A Healthy Glow

If you combine some of the benefits swimming can have on your skin already mentioned, you’ll likely notice that your skin has a healthier glow to it. This is especially true if you spend some time in warmer water or something like a sauna or hot tub before taking a dip in some more tepid water. As your skin is naturally exfoliated, you’ll also notice a healthier appearance to your skin since your pores are open and free from dirt and oil.

Swimming can be an excellent asset to your skin. As long as you use a good moisturizer to prevent dry and itchy skin and wash off chlorine as quickly as possible after getting out of the pool, you’re likely to enjoy some of the referenced benefits of swimming on your skin. Enjoy your next dip – your skin will definitely appreciate it.

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