Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw develops new survival horror game


Prolific online game critic Ben Croshaw, higher identified across the web as Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation popularity has developed a brand new recreation. Dubbed the consuming Shadow, it’s a procedurally generated roguelike and is electrified by the works of horror creator HP Lovecraft. Its gameplay is inspired using sci-fi-themed roguelike FTL: quicker than gentle. Other mentioned inspirations are everlasting Darkness and the board sport Ark ham Horror.

The game is currently in beta and is on hand for free on home windows on his site. In its plot, the use has been plunged into mysterious darkness from which hideous creatures are spawning and spreading chaos. These occasions, however, are simply the herald for the appearance of a Lovecraft, an eldritch god, as a result of being seen at Stonehenge in 72 hours.

 survival horror game

I can’t wait to look at how he opinions this.

Gamers have to go back and forth from town to town, exploring dungeons and exterminating minions of the shadow to accumulate the 4 components of the Banishment Ritual, a four-rune mantra which, when solid at the Stonehenge, will stop the ancient god from getting into our realm.

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It’s a side-scrolling game that mixes exploration with combat. Much of the exploration will revolve around deduction-based puzzle gameplay. Owing to its rogue-like nature, there can be random events and dungeons. This ensures that every play-through is completely different. Preserving with the present development of horror games, there will even be a sanity mechanic.

As evident from his collection of level-and-click on adventures within the Cho series, Croshaw has a little expertise slightly in making horror video games. Of the previous sequence, Trilby’s Notes is deemed one of the best recreations, with many of the plots revolving around making sense of the other video games in the sequence.