The Internet Won’t Let Armenia Go Away


Here’s an extraordinary sort of tale about media and politics.

It demonstrates how the monstrosity of a crime a century antique nevertheless divides and scorches the world. And it’s one extra instance of the way virtual generation is changing geopolitics at each degree, from interfering with different country’s elections to the contemporary wave of ransomware cyber attacks and even the discharge of motion images.

Last Tuesday, Donald Trump had a chummy assembly with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There turned into loads to speak approximately — NATO, Syria, ISIS. They additionally discussed the continuing presence within the United States of Fethullah Gulen, the Erdogan for on whom the Turkish chief blames closing summer’s failed coup d’etat.

In a Washington Post op-ed simply prior to Erdogan’s go to, Gulen wrote, “The Turkey that I as soon as knew as a hope-inspiring country on its manner to consolidating its democracy and a mild form of secularism has

, “The Turkey that I as soon as knew as a hope-inspiring country on its manner to consolidating its democracy and a mild form of secularism has ended up the dominion of a president who is doing everything he can to amass energy and subjugate dissent.”

No wonder Erdogan needs Gulen extradited to Turkey, wherein he could probably face sure demise. So far at least, we have refused to do so. Meanwhile, as Erdogan seemed on, his protection detail viciously beat protesters out of doors the Turkish ambassador’s house in Washington.

So given this particular White House

And Trump’s expressed admiration for Erdogan, you realize that one topic no longer up for discussion changed into Erdogan’s ever-escalating suppression of human rights, mainly in the aftermath of the unsuccessful coup and the current referendum wherein the consolidated even more strength.

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Here’s any other forbidden however related situation that wasn’t at the timetable: the horrific Armenian genocide committed a century in the past via Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. Between 1915 and 1922, at least 1.Five million have been massacred, some 80 percent of the Armenian populace.

Like his predecessors, and in contrast to the government of Germany after the Holocaust and World War II, Erdogan nonetheless refuses to well known what the Turkish authorities did. Instead, he has admitted that sure, Armenians lost their lives, however as Cara Buckley at The New York Times wrote, “… He implied that they have been victims of a war in which all Ottoman residents had suffered — in preference to the sufferers of a genocide.”

(Although Donald Trump and Barack Obama have condemned the atrocities devoted in opposition to Armenians, for fear of offending their NATO ally neither used the phrase “genocide” even as president. During the 2008 marketing campaign, Obama pledged he could however by no means did

Essential Internet Marketing Tips for 2017


When it involves the use of a web advertising and marketing employer they may consciousness on the usage of vital offerings and techniques to ensure you reap on-line fulfillment in the long run. Managing your personal on-line marketing campaign can be a frightening and time eating system, but if you employ a specialist employer you could save yourself valuable time and energy, along with sources shifting ahead.

There are some net marketing suggestions you should be focusing on when you have selected to manage your own campaign for now. As your commercial enterprise grows and also you do not have the time to attention in your online advertising and marketing day by day, then it’s time at hand your task over to a professional who assists you to improve your brand, boom your internet site visitors and assist you to enhance on-line revenue.

The first very essential thing that any internet advertising employer will let you know as the primary tip for fulfillment is to know your marketplace. Know your product, recognize your target audience and get to realize your competitors. You want to cognizance in this in the whole thing you do from your website design to the online advertising which you select to do, whether it’s pay per click advertising and marketing, social media advertising and marketing or each.

Next, you will want to set yourself dreams. Setting dreams is essential to reveal your progress and ensure that your efforts are meeting your specific on-line desires. Setting dreams ought to be realistic, from increasing your ranking to growing your followers on social media to putting in place a weblog or growing your brand the use of pay per click on marketing. There are so many matters to don’t forget and such a lot of extraordinary goals to set and in case you do not have online advertising enjoy, you may locate that an internet marketing corporation is the best choice that will help you grow your enterprise online in the end.

Always set yourself a web advertising price range. You may be pleased you did. Your price range needs to be set if you are using an internet advertising company to pick out how a good deal you could spend with them every month. It is less complicated if the employer you select has set applications to take advantage of so that you can ensure your budget remains the equal on a month-to-month foundation. If you are considering pay in step with click marketing, set an everyday finances, so you simplest pay for the leads generated as a result as much as a hard and fast quantity, so that you are positive to no longer exceed your budget at any time.

The Armenian Jewelry Industry – An Introduction


The earrings industry in Armenia may be argued to have started for the duration of the Eighties while a satellite united states of America of the Soviet Union. Us of a commenced its famous diamond processing industry around this time, however, noticed a decline in 1991 due to the disintegrate of the Soviet Union.

Armenian rings have been known for its use of diamonds and other great stones, and the unique designs of the jewelry that is often located in historic burial grounds inside the location. The obsidian gem is likewise a well-known gem of the place. The approach used to reduce obsidian survived through the Soviet occupation. The jewelers will cut the obsidian in order that it is paper-thin, giving it an oddly obvious quality. The obsidian located in Armenia is the purest inside the international, making it the only range appropriate for the luxurious ring’s market.

The designs determined in Armenian rings pass again loads of years. Flowers and circles are located in problematic styles in ancient Armenian tombs and burial grounds. These styles stay famous designs to be used in bracelets and bangles nowadays. Some pieces have more than one colorations – jewelry with strips of different colored gemstones are not uncommon for current designs.

The go is a favorite symbol regularly discovered in Armenian rings portions. These crosses frequently have intricate designs – from pointed and looped corners to swirling leaves on the frame of the cross. Other crosses are easy and stylish – with gemstones on the body of the move and a cluster of 3 gemstones in every nook.

Gold and silver are not unusual metals for historic and cutting-edge portions alike. Bronze is also common for greater conventional pieces – consisting of headpieces for women with coins and earrings. Bracelets with rings attached also are common for bronze rings in Armenia.

Long, dangling portions also are very commonplace on traditional portions. A conventional pair of jewelry may have ten or greater portions that grasp of the lowest of the earring’s base. Necklaces may have a massive, primary piece this is held by way of an unmarried loop on the band. Some have clusters of dangling pieces in a pattern at the same time as different pieces have one cluster of multiple dangling pieces.

Advantages of Staying Away From Substance Abuse During Teen Years


Teen years are very unstable in every individual’s existence. People all through this period are more prone to points of interest consisting of bad habits. Wrong steps at this point now not only show a negative effect on rest of the life but additionally may cost one’s life at instances. Hence, it’s far very important to train teenagers approximately the blessings of staying far from unhealthy habits which include substance abuse.

Below is the statistics on how crucial teenage is, why it is crucial to living far away from drugs and what are the advantages of staying far away from drugs.

Teenage – a vital stage of lifestyles
Teenage is a transition length between early life and early adulthood, in which many changes takes place both physically and mentally in a person. Teens generally keep in mind their peer organization to be more vital and influential than their parents and guardians. Teens are susceptible to numerous chance elements which lead them to get hooked on drugs. Some of the chance elements encompass drug abusing friends, smooth availability of illicit substances, thrill looking for behavior, and so forth. Teens need to take into account that these hazard elements have an effect on them get into bad habits that destroy their lives.

Importance of staying far from pills

Drug abuse causes serious to extreme issues both bodily and mentally. Numerous research and facts are available concerning the damaging outcomes of substance abuse. Abstaining from these bad habits now not simplest increases the first-class of life however also decreases the chances of scientific headaches and sicknesses. Apart from those, someone loose from any sort of bad behavior will constantly benefit appreciate from his family and the society.

Benefits of staying far from drugs
Rest of this text brings you blessings of staying faraway from substance abuse.

Healthy life-style: Avoidance of illicit capsules is one of the key factors for staying healthy. Drugs have an effect on the critical worried device very strongly. Substance abuse may additionally cause severe health complications, make the person susceptible and at times absolutely break the physical look of the character. Hence, staying away from tablets obviously improves health, and guarantees universal well-being, for this reason facilitating a healthy way of life.