Once I introduced my name change, one aspect that surprised me turned into what number of bloggers had been going thru (or approximately to undergo) rebranding on their own. So I notion a touch manual to deciding on a weblog call would possibly are available in reachable.


Choosing a weblog name You may not feel remorse- element 1 of a 2-part collection. Whether you’re starting a present-day blog or rebranding a present weblog, deciding on a blog call isn’t any smooth assignment. Soooo, I can’t promise you “three easy STEPS!!!!” to naming your weblog. IF most effective, it was that easy. It’s a process to get to a blog name that you’ll genuinely love. But doesn’t a little sweat, frustration, tears, & I’ll-in no way-select-a-appropriate-one whining make that mild-bulb second all the extra fulfilling?

To get to a weblog call that you received remorse down the road, attempt breaking the naming procedure down into two levels: Component 1: discover the foundation of Your New blog element 2: Vet Your weblog’s name in this submit, I’ll address the primary part of the process. And the following day, I’ll show you how to get your pinnacle contenders to make sure you choose a blog name you received remorse. So seize a notepad, a few markers (or even a black ballpoint will do), and permit’s pass.

1. WRITE DOWN YOUR blog subjects

I believe if you’re starting a new blog, you have already got an idea of what you want to put in writing. If you’re rebranding, this might imply you’re narrowing your recognition, increasing your awareness, or doing what I’m doing, which is leaving my awareness equal.

Jot down the subjects you’ll be writing about and then any words associated with those subjects. For instance, in case you had a food blog, you would possibly write down apparent words like “cooking” or “kitchen” but move in addition and think: utensils, cooking methods, fave substances, how food/cooking makes humans feel (comfort, experience), how human beings describe meals (scrumptious, savory), and many others.

Brainstorming many of these words enables spark weblog name thoughts, so write down a phrase even if you recognize you wouldn’t use it for your blog. You’d be surprised how simply writing phrases down can springboard into greater phrases (one among which would possibly emerge as being a part of your weblog name).

Study your words. Are there phrases you already know you virtually need or don’t need on your weblog call? Circle the definites and pass off the “no approaches.” For instance, I knew that I wanted the word “blog” or “blogging” in my call. But, I didn’t need “blogger” because I didn’t need to treat human beings calling me by using “__blogger” instead of my call.

2. Discover YOUR weblog’S TONE

Subsequent, sincerely deliver some idea for your weblog’s tone. A terrific blog call needs to align with the way you want your weblog to experience. The temper you want to exude (oooh, I will rhyme). Is your writing sassy? Extreme? Hilarious? Sarcastic? In weblog design for Dummies, I cowl tone and voice as a part of learning your weblog higher. As an instance, I describe my tone as being approachable, informal, and easy. And with a touch of humor. Even if you write about many subjects, your tone brings it all together.

Write down a few phrases that describe your tone. What phrases could you need your readers to used to describe your blog? Those words may additionally or won’t be part of your weblog name. However, they’ll assist you in pinpointing the feel of your blog. And an excellent blog name should suit that feel.

3. Consider YOUR target market

Who is your target market or potential target audience? Are they ordinarily ladies? In most cases, guys? Why do they come for your weblog (or when you have no blog yet– why do you need humans to return to your weblog)? To be entertained? To snort? To learn something? Due to the fact they’re curious about your existence? You could have more than one answer.

Is there a target audience you want to draw, however, aren’t at the moment? Listing some characteristics of your perfect target audience. You want your weblog name to resonate with them. For example, if your weblog readers love that you cause them to giggle, then a bland name gained to be as effective as a call with a tinge of humor.