The Bold New Look of

1020 has gotten a makeover. The portal is no longer a useful website offering and loolookspupyproperty-related services. It has galvanized into a brand that highlights its numerous attributes in myriad colors and facets. The brand new logo is called ‘Look up, and it is an eye-turner indeed; even without knowing about the vision and the mission, it backs.

For those not aware of the background of, it would suffice to say that the portal results from a couple of students searching for houses in Mumbai. What may well have started as a project has become a resource that has transformed how we view property searches online. The company has gone a step further and set the pace for sustainable future development based on two basic tenets: optimism and innovation. Both these traits have been the hallmarks of in the past. Therefore, it makes sense that the new Housing uses them as a platform to step into the future.


What Does the New Look Comprise of? has changed everything about the way it used to come across earlier. It was a black box whose internal schematics were almost entirely unknown. All the efforts were seen and appreciated, but there was nothing to say how the company would work in the future. All that ambiguity has now been discarded, and the portal has revealed its heart to all stakeholders.

The brand identity of is born out of the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of everyone buying, selling, renting, or investing in the property business. The portal dons a positive spirit when trying to beat new problems. It has utilized optimism with technology to break barriers and set benchmarks in the past. The new incorporates the same spirit and much more.

Myriad colors have been used in the new looks that help the portal get out of the functional model and into an equitable, dependable brand. The colors are the highlight of positivity, spirit, and optimism that surround the new looks. It is called ‘Look up’ with a sharp edge pointing upwards, persuading consumers to look ahead, beyond their needs and into their dreams. The icon symbolizes pushing forward while nurturing hopes and dreams into the softer corners, away from the “turbulence” of exploratory search.

What Does the New Housing Stand for?

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Compare the icon with a supersonic aircraft approaching the Mach speed. Such aircraft have been designed to break the sound barrier without backlash affecting the cone that stretches until the wingspan. The Housing symbol exhibits the same function. It forges ahead while nurturing shelter in the confines of the inverted ‘V.’

The portal has a vision to “Help the world live better.” This is to be achieved by the mantra “10X Better”. intends to convert the road it has taken into a runway. It plans to ‘Out See,’ ‘Out Think,’ and ‘Out Do’ competition, and even itself! The portal has the skills and the will to innovate. It would not stand second and will not stop at success. It would change the game and remain at the top. This would be achieved with positivity, transparency, communication clarity, challenging norms, and inviting everyone to dream of a better world.

In Conclusion

So, every time you dream of a better future, ‘Look Up’! will pave the way for one!