Teenage Boy Christmas Gifts That Will Make Him Smile


Finding Christmas gifts for a 17-year-old boy that he will appreciate can feel like the equivalent of trying to understand his physics homework; this is a strange age for boys. They are on the verge of manhood yet yearn to let it all out and act like a kid again. They face many new responsibilities, yet they want to veg in front of their computer and play games with friends. Here is a list of five top gifts to help you choose something he will appreciate.

1. Magnetic Dart Board

There is no 17-year-old boy alive who doesn’t enjoy a game of darts. Parents prefer a magnetic board, as real darts leave holes in sheetrock. A dartboard is a perfect solo activity and a fun party game.

Christmas Gifts

2. Bluetooth Beanie

A Bluetooth beanie combines two teenage favorites: fashion and music. The Bluetooth speaker and microphone can be removed to wash it. The combination of warmth and durability makes this a gift that never gets old.

3. Game of Phones

Most parents of teenagers desire to get their teens off their mobile devices. This game combines teens’ love for their phones with a fun game to play with family or friends. The cards require the teen to perform simple tasks with their phones, such as showing a recent photo or text. It creates a lot of laughs while getting teens to interact with other people and their phones.

4. Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are a great gift because they are practical and cool. You can find a huge array of car seat covers. Regardless of your teen’s interests, you can find covers to match. Covers keep the car seats clean while adding that cool element to your son’s first love: his car.

5. Drones

Many drones are available, from small ones that fly around your home to more complex machines that can take pictures and record videos. Drones are a surefire pleaser no matter the age or ability of the user.

While these are all great gifts for your 17-year-old boy, don’t forget about books. Whether you need a stocking stuffer or another gift idea, check out these top three books for teenage boys:

Manual to Manhood by Jonathan Catherman. This is a great manual, filled with questions your 17-year-old may be wondering but won’t ask.

The Driving Book by Karen Gravelle. This book offers realistic tips for a variety of driving scenarios. It makes an interesting read, plus it’s filled with real things boys need to know.

Grow the Heck Up by John Kyle. The subtitle of this book is “What Your Parents Should Have Taught You and Your School Never Did.” Enough said. Make this Christmas the best when you give gifts from this list to your 17-year-old boy.