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Google has absolutely reformulated and changed Android traits and testing. After a totally successful experiment with Android Nougat, this checking out program has now come to an give up, paving the manner for the Beta program of Android O.
Android O-beta will launch soon, said Google simply days beforehand of its I/O 2017 developer convention as it introduced the stop of the Android Nougat beta. On the Android beta internet site, the company said the website can be updated subsequent while the Android O Beta Program begins and gave developers and Android enthusiasts instructions to downloading the entire OTA picture of Android Nougat on their gadgets.

“Thank you for your interest in the Android Beta Program. The beta for Android Nougat has concluded, and all devices that have been opted in have been updated to the contemporary public version,” Google said in an update to the Android beta internet site.

If you are nevertheless jogging a beta model of Nougat you may download the trendy full OTA picture for your tool and side load it. This will not wipe your device. We’ll replace this site when the Android O Beta Program begins,” the update brought.

The Android O Developer Preview, released in overdue March for Nexus 5X,

Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel and Pixel XL, brings in new capabilities which include tighter control on heritage limits for apps to supply better battery existence, Notification Channels, and Adaptive Icons. Android O users can also look ahead to guide for Autofill apps, local photo-in-image mode, wide-gamut coloration for apps, excessive-resolution audio, improved keyboard navigation, and faster Android runtime.

According to PC, to this point, Google have been presenting Beta variations of Android Nougat (versions 7.X) alongside early “Developer Preview” versions of Android O that’s touted as the following principal Android version. “But many Pixel and Nexus customers are looking ahead to the Android O-beta as the developer preview isn’t simply meant for public intake,” BetaNews suggested on Monday.

Android O, yet to be launched, will be the following version of Google’s mobile operating machine. Although it’s far already in trying out, simplest the subsequent I/O conference is anticipated to be made the announcement, as in keeping with technical.

The Great Masters of Fake News


Human progress and the established order on which we rely are normally based on the paintings of people who have interaction in deceit and faux news. Religions play the greatest function and over the last 2,000 plus years, they’ve created the World Order. Every person has a function on this due to the fact beliefs are systemic in the course of societies. Organizations primarily based on them dominate governments, the regulation, and the navy.

What goes into the mind with the aid of the age of seven is not only extremely difficult to overturn but units the goal of the character for lifestyles. Work patterns, social interchange, and human sources are all controlled via what the mother and father and instructors power into them.

So what is fake news? According to Wikipedia web sites that have interaction in it are accountable for hoaxes, propaganda and of a path, ‘disinformation purporting to be actual news.’

It may be taken further, but, because the belief structures also fall into this category.

Only those with the internal know-how are able to eliminate the fiction and get to the underlying statistics. For the majority, this is impossible because the smoke screens and legal limitations are too strong and too large to navigate.

The Spirit of the Universe, but, is getting rid of the latter in order that light shines through the darkness. As it is the Great Creator it’s answerable for man’s blindness and the establishments on which he relies upon. It also made our minds to paintings in such a way that governments may additionally manage them.

While most of the people do not agree with in the sort of component their lack of knowledge and denial of the information are largely accountable for their reasoning. Globally we see a motion of people away from the traditions as they engage in something unique. They speak to and with the Spirit.

This fact is also hidden from the general public who are not meant to listen or understand it. They ridicule and target all and sundry who claims a connection to the Universal Spirit. The religious enterprises have banned it as being ‘from the satan.’ They additionally banned reincarnation.

It is due to my memory of reincarnation and a vision given to me between lives that have enabled me to speak out and condemn them because of the terrific masters of faux news. Their aim is to trick human beings into believing their propaganda, which includes the life of heaven and hell. Their first-rate hoaxes are the so-known as prophets or ‘Sons of God’ who supposedly got here from heaven to educate guy God’s methods.

The Case for the Google Pixel


Software and internet giant Google greatly surprised tech enterprise insiders and Android fanatics alike with its pair of flagship priced phones about a month in the past and most of the people have not yet figured what to make of the brand new Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Both telephones mark a complete departure from Google’s previous manner of doing things. In the past, Google has bought a number of Nexus devices for decades. These devices were continually mid-range gadgets with very compelling specs for the amount of cash they cost. Nexus gadgets often had some of the shortcomings however it changed into all worth it for Android fanatics because they shipped with the present day version of Android, without any skins from 1/3 party producers. They also got the most recent releases of Android as quickly as Google launched them. All of this changed into enough for fans to miss niggling issues that have been endemic to the Nexus logo, which includes negative cameras and now not so terrific construct first-rate.

Everything adjustments with the Pixel

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All of that changes with the new Pixel though. The Pixel is the first time that Google has claimed to have designed the hardware itself and though the results are particularly ordinary, one can not fault the build first-rate of the new Pixel phones. Saying that they are every bit as well constructed as the brand new iPhones is high reward however it is fitting. Since the majority who use one of the new Pixels can be using Google Pixel instances and covers, just like with another flagship phone, the truth that the phones appear standard does not really matter besides. Once the telephones are available to buy online from the sector, most people can be seeking out cool fashion designer Pixel instances as soon as they location their order for the new telephones, to cause them to stick out from the gang.

Android Testing Frameworks

To effectively behavior mobile testing, the experts can use unique frameworks each for iOS and Android testing. These frameworks provide a rapid and exact check of the cellular product. Not it’s far the time to study Robotium, a framework for Android-base applications.

The point is that the capacities of trendy frameworks for Android are by hook or by crook constrained


they do not help multiple functions,
the check scripts are done as an alternative gradual,
the shape of taking a look at instances is complicated and it’s far difficult to release them.
Robotium does now not have such issues. It is an open-source framework. It may be very appropriate for developers as they can layout the automated GUI check scripts, useful and reputation takes a look at eventualities for more than one operations.
What Are the Main Features of Robotium?

Support multitasking

Simple test cases
Integration with IDE
High level of overall performance
High check insurance
There are two sorts of instructions: Solo instructions and ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. With the help of Robotium, a tester is capable of design test instances with out being aware of the specifics of product machine. In different words, he will carry out black field trying out. This unique characteristic indicates this checking framework from the opposite ones.
How to Use Robotium for Android Testing?

Install the library of the framework to the undertaking under test.

Create take a look at cases using the approach of Solo class.
Run written checks on the required gadgets (OS model, version).
Analyze the check consequences.
One greater beneficial framework for Android merchandise is Roboelectric. The testing manner with this tool does not require a selected device or emulator. The specialists are able to run assessments at once on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
What Are the Cons of Roboelectric?

High performance

High test insurance
Execution on JVM
Support black box testing
No mocking
Inflation of useful resource and views
Roboelectric helps the subsequent capabilities: the introduction of Shadow training, the interception of the loading of Android classes, the usage of Javaassist, the binding of Shadow object to Android magnificence. Due to most of these options, the checking of the software does no longer require the real Android surroundings.