T-Mobile offers Facebook access even if you have no data plan


Want your cellular Facebook restoration but do not have any data protection? T-cell has one possibility for you. T-cellular has tweaked its Go Smart cell prepaid wireless plan to supply free Facebook and Facebook Messenger admission for all buyers starting in January. That implies subscribers can use Facebook without chewing up their knowledge allowance or desiring a data plan.

Rolled out early these 12 months, the Go Smart cell is aimed at customers who want low-value, limitless mobile protection. The plans vary from $25 a month for unlimited speaking to $ forty-five for complete discussion, text, and 5GB of 3G knowledge.


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Cellular consumers can hop onto the program by purchasing a cellphone in an instant from Go Smart or by spending $eight for a Go Smart cell SIM and installing it on their GSM unlocked cellphone. Subscribers can get the right to enter Facebook by logging in from a cell browser or running the Facebook app on their phone.

“Facebook’s mission is to give folks the ability to share and make the sector extra open and connected, and we’re delighted that Go Smart subscribers, many who should not have data access, will be able to use Facebook without cost,” Chris Daniels, vp of partnerships at Facebook, mentioned in a commentary.