Super Troopers 2: Review: Another Round On The Mustache-Mobile


The unique Super Troopers turned into the epitome of early ’00s stoner comedy. Pot-smoking dual carriageway patrollers haze every other like university sophomores, gambling pranks on dashing drivers they pull over, and brawling with the nearby cops. It captured a second in time; as the individuals of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe mentioned at a recent screening of the sequel, it is probably the best film in records. It really is cherished similarly with the aid of potheads and police officers.


The definition of a cult hit, Super Troopers continually seemed destined to be a one-off, not least because of the combined success of subsequent Broken Lizard movies like Club Dread and Beerfest. But over a protracted decade and a half that blanketed a couple of false starts–at one factor, they said it became going to be a prequel set in the 1970s wherein they had all played their personal dads–and a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, Super Troopers 2 become sloppily birthed into the world.

And, almost unbelievably, it is pretty exact. Super Troopers 2, in some way, manages to feel even extra meandering, flighty, and lackadaisical than the authentic. And its beginning scene is by hook or crook, even crazier and greater hilarious than the unique’s. Still, the laughs arrive at a breakneck speed that might have those troopers spitting out their liters of cola if the movie sped using them at the dual carriageway. If you’ve spent the ultimate 17 years sneaking the phrase “meow” into regular speech and thinking how fast you can chug each bottle of syrup that you see, Super Troopers 2 will no longer disappoint you.

The premise this time around is infinitely stupider than the authentic’s relatively grounded corrupt-police officers-grew to the become-drug-smugglers plot. The Broken Lizard boys, along with Steve Lemme’s Mac, Kevin Heffernan’s Farva, Jay Chandrasekhar’s Thorny, Paul Soter’s Foster, and Erik Stolhanske’s Rabbit, get recruited to assist in transition a Canadian metropolis into the U.S., The troopers conflict with nearby government officials (Rob Lowe’s hockey big name/mayor Guy Le Franc and Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Genevieve) and three Canadian Mounties (Tyler Labine, Will Sasso, and Hayes MacArthur), who all perform a little variation of a cartoonishly over the pinnacle French Canadian accent. For a few cause, it really is in no way absolutely defined (and doesn’t want to be).

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That contrived story, alas, makes Super Troopers 2 experience even extra like a loosely themed series of skits than the original. There’s less of a “Johnny Chimpo” conspiracy fashion throughline in the sequel, and the movie’s activities sense much less linked, even if they sooner or later coalesce into a predictable climax.

But the idea is likewise ripe for Broken Lizard’s brand of improvised-sounding comedy. The chemistry among those actors feels as fresh now as it did nearly twenty years ago whilst the authentic came out, and they play off every other in methods that make it seem like each scene ought to have gone on for hours earlier than they ran out of cloth. The Super Troopers have by no means been particularly best to every different. However, you still continually get the sense that they’re friends, despite their generally mean-lively senses of humor.

Even Farva remains putting around–if they actually did not like him, they might have ditched the guy using now. Farva maintains to steal the scenes he’s in–Heffernan has honed the person right into a blunt-edged comedic truncheon who dominates the film with his borderline insane antics and one-liners.

The movie also mines the Canadian setting and characters for humor past the floor degree stereotypes you may assume, though there is plenty of those as nicely. But as a self-deprecating French Canadian myself, I can attest that quite a few it jewelry particularly genuine. All these characters change witty barbs to and fro without end, and it helps that the Canadians provide as precise as they get, making it sense more like they’re in at the shaggy dog story, rather than absolutely being its butts.


Some bits return from the authentic, consisting of the soldiers looking to one-up each different as they pull over unsuspecting motorists. The rivalry among them and the Mounties escalates alarmingly at some point in the movie; after the Canadian officials lock alive undergo within the soldiers’ station residence, the soldiers kidnap the locals, steal their uniforms, and pull out all the stops to smear the Mounties’ correct reputation. There’s a bizarre recurring gag in which Thorny turns hooked on a Canadian woman growth hormone referred to as “Flova Scotia,” and at one point, Farva, shall we lose a sequence of big, hot farts? As the alternative soldiers watch with disgust through thermal headsets. If that sounds hilarious to you, congrats–Super Troopers 2 became made for you.

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