Solving the mystery of Windows updates


By Steve Alexander Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Q. Several years in the past, I bought an HP Envy PC, version h8-1414. I’ve upgraded the operating gadget from Windows 8 to Windows eight.1 to Windows 10. Now I can’t get automatic Windows 10 updates to finish; the updates freeze, and I’m forced to restart the PC. A few hours later, the PC attempts to update Windows 10 again, with the same result. Because of this, I’m jogging Windows 10 version 1511, when I need to have been updated to version 1709. Any guidelines?

Francis Larriviere, Opelousas, La.

A. You have troubles. Your 2012 PC has reached the cease of its capacity to be updated to newer variations of Windows 10. In addition, the model of Windows 10 you’re now using obtained its ultimate safety update in October, which allows you to make it risky to apply within the future. The approach to each trouble is to get a new PC.

Windows updates

How did you get into this repair? I suspect that your PC became slightly compatible with the preliminary model of Windows 10 (aka model 1507) and the first replace (1511), that had been introduced in 2015. But it isn’t like-minded with more modern variations of Windows, which include ultimate 12 months’ Anniversary Update (1607) or this 12 months’ Creators Update (1703) and Fall Creators Update (1709.) Note that your pc version doesn’t appear on HP’s lists of PCs which are well suited with the Anniversary Update ( tinyurl.Com/y7ezundu ) or the Creators Update ( tinyurl.Com/yb2xlx5x)

What will happen subsequently? Your PC will keep working with Windows 10 model 1511. But without new protection updates, it’s most effective a remember of time earlier than it’s going to fall sufferer to future hacker attacks or malware.

Whose fault is that this? Not yours; you up to date your PC as high-quality you may. And now not without a doubt Microsoft’s; it keeps to robotically update Windows 10 unfastened on like-minded PCs. Blame the speedy pace of generation trade, which makes the life of a PC about 5 years.

Q. I have two Dell desktop PCs and a Dell laptop that run Windows 7 Professional. During all of 2017, the desktops have mechanically downloaded running device updates. But the pc hasn’t obtained a replacement since the quit of 2016. What can I do?

Rich Mueller, Maple Grove, Minn.

A. It’s a software program compatibility trouble that’s effortlessly constant. Microsoft altered the software program on its Windows 7 update servers this year. That disrupted the servers’ capability to talk with PCs that had an outdated piece of improving software known as an “agent.” The answer is to download new agent software so one can allow your computer to talk to the Microsoft servers once more. ( tinyurl.Com/y79u5ekz)

• Whether you have a 32-bit or sixty four-bit processor chip for your pc. To find out, go to Control Panel and click the “structures” icon. Then use both the “x32” or “x64” download link at the web page indexed above.

• How to open the “zip” folder so that it will be downloaded to your PC. A zip folder has been digitally compressed to make it download quicker. To open this kind of folder, you “unzip” it through proper-clicking the folder, selecting “extract all” from the ensuing menu, and then following the instructions on the website above.

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Windows updates

Several times such blunders occur whilst you get the error messages inclusive of windows cannot check for updates. Mainly, the codes for this error are 80070002 and 0x80070002. If these mistakes are shown, you need to remember that they are associated with the troubles surrounding your windows being replaced. Especially in Windows Vista, such errors arise. In this article, you may find the reasons and fixation of such problems.

Cause of windows can’t test for updates errors.

Such a state of affairs happens because the buffer that stores the statistics for all scheduled duties is constrained and this buffer creates the limited range of jobs that you possibly timetable with credentials of the consumer. You can create an unlimited range of jobs without personal credentials.

Fixing the Windows cannot take a look at for updates blunders 80070002

In such sa cenario, stop and start the challenge scheduler, wait around for 15 minutes, and then timetable jobs. Hence, click on start, go to search bar and kind provider, there you choose the icon of the service that you get from search results. You need to locate the project scheduler carrier and then right-click on it; after that choose to prevent and watch for 15 seconds, after which, proper-click on once more and begin it.

After this, you could strive to do updates again. Another solution is via eliminating the temporary replace files that typically a window makes use of to discover the updates for your device. In order to do away with the brief documents, prevent the windows update service, after which delete the temporary replace files, restart the windows replace provider, after which attempt to test the windows updates. Try those solutions; it can assist you in restoration the replace errors of home windows.

Windows updates

If this problem persists, then it is higher to use a registry cleaner to fix it robotically. To fix this error and lots of more mistakes smooth, safe, and rapid, you have to get a registry purifier toolkit. I have made a contrast chart of the great registry cleaners, which you have to check out.

With my 12-years pc revel in as a software developer, I understand about the home windows platform extra than anybody else. It is so complicated that you can’t maintain your machine in a great condition manually.