Snapchat CEO: Classmate may deserve something for the idea


Snapchat headquarters in Venice, Calif.

Snapchat is combating a lawsuit from a self-dubbed co-founder who wants a part of the corporation, and comment from CEO Evan Spiegel may have given him some ammunition.


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Within the swimsuit filed in February of 2013, Reggie Brown claims that he used to be the 0.33 co-founding father of Snapchat and that fellow co-founders Spiegel and Bobby Murphy cut him from any stake within the company. As related with the aid of Trade Insider, Brown testified in an April deposition that he came up with the idea for an app that deletes photograph messages and told Spiegel about it.

Spiegel referred to it as a “million-dollar concept,” consistent with Brown, who also said they mentioned forming an organization with Spiegel as CEO and Brown as the marketing officer. Spiegel testified that Brown presented the speculation to him; however, he did not ask him to work on the app. Then again, he said he let Brown seek a developer, who grew to become a future co-founder of Murphy.

Both Spiegel and Murphy have claimed that Brown is no longer part of the company. However, a few of Murphy’s earlier movements can undermine that claim.

An email sent to Brown showed that Murphy used fib to tag him as a worker in Pica boo, the predecessor to Snapchat. In another email, Murphy said that he had constructed an app with two chums of his, whom he testified mentioned Spiegel and Brown.

Finally, although Spiegel’s testimony was posted along with a few video clips of the deposition in the BI story, that would have worked in Brown’s desire. When asked if Brown deserves anything for his contributions to the venture, Spiegel replied: “Reggie could deserve something for a few of his contributions.”

How might the lawsuit ultimately play out? Sources regarding Snapchat instructed BI that a settlement will likely be hammered out by which Brown will obtain a large amount of money and inventory from the corporation.