Six things every new phone owner should do first


What is the most effective and worst part of getting a new cellphone? The atmosphere is up. For smartphone nuts, a few issues highlight the thrill of powering up a model-new handset for the first time and diving right in. By way of the character of my work, I’ve smartly dependent pursuits for putting in a new cellphone after I evaluated it. Alternatively, a telephone that will stick around for a while will require extra forethought and effort.

Listed below are my guidelines for newcomers and pros alike. I will not get into the nitty-gritty, step-by-step means of small print regarding the cellphone or propose you download apps (of course you will). I’ll level out some general classes you must consider when protecting and customizing your funding.

Sort out your settings — all of them

Beeps, chimes, and buzzes annoy me. When phones repeatedly chirp in a place of job surroundings, it may irritate coworkers, too.

So the first thing I do when putting in a new phone is to adjust my quantity profile, choose my ringtones, and shut down haptic comments (until it’s on a Windows telephone — that I can take). It’s for my very own sanity and the sanity of the individuals around me.

Depending on the phone, I also pull up settings from the keyboard to close down keypress tones and other haptic comments.

I recommend systematically going through the settings. But do not cease there. You will no longer effectively tune your phone’s conduct properly from the beginning; you’ll also analyze an incredible amount of your handset’s capabilities.

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Telephone-makers slip controls for essentially the most attention-grabbing device extras in the settings menu and now and then in submenus as neatly. From the get-go, I always peruse this house to study the hidden options for the whole thing, from movement and gesture controls to call blockading.

That is also where you’ll find many choices for easy startup mode (discovered on some Android phones), a benefit for those who prefer a much less-cluttered strategy to expertise in Android. A setup wizard may also allow you to make this selection if it exists.

Take a look for updates

Occasionally, phones ship with one model of the working device; however, by the time it lands on your arms, there will be an update waiting in the wings.

A stroll in the course of the settings may find many choices you may also not have been aware of. This is a straightforward check from the Settings menu, so it’s worth looking to get the update, especially if it was restarting your phone.

Even though you wouldn’t have an OS update, it can be value checking for particular person app refreshes for essential and preloaded applications. If more than a few of those, the update may take time and even require a reboot. I prefer to get this out of the way early, particularly with Android, updating apps as the Google Play retailer can reasonably alter the setup experience.

stable your instrument

Loading up your new device with video games, apps, and tunes sounds much more fun than taking the time to enact security features on your software, but I can’t stress how essential it is to try this. At the moment. Before you get distracted or fail to remember.

This category may have a lot to understand, so this primer from my colleague Kent German is this type of present. He has an interesting analysis for you and, at all times, laid out your safety picks through OS.

It can be crucial to grasp your choices and institute them. Within the panic-inducing event that you misplace your cell phone or lose it to theft, a normal understanding of the measures you put up and methods to remotely lock, observe, and even wipe your phone will pay off more than you can think. This additionally goes for recuperating your assets, like precious photographs.

Get cloud storage up and running.

Your cellphone may warn you that you can turn on cloud storage or syncing performance in your contacts, calendar, images, track, and so forth. It’s easy to dismiss this the pursuit of, say, choosing prettier wallpaper or theme colors, but as with updates and security, that is one of the things you will have to handle more moderately later.

Not most effective are you making it smoother to share your property amongst units like your tablet and laptop; you might also be taking a step towards safeguarding your digital property in case you lose your cellphone and making it more uncomplicated to repopulate a future device together with your photos, etc.

Likewise, you should additionally pay attention to prompts for syncing content material. Namely, you’ll want to control overly enthusiastic syncing options that you do not need to grow to become using default. Android phones are the principal offenders right here. If you don’t watch what you press, your phone may upload all your pictures online, turn on social networking, and, in most cases, overshare information you would reasonably selectively distribute.

Customize the look and feel.

So you have secured your tool and gotten to grasp your phone? Nice. Now, you should customize it.

Go nuts. Download new wallpaper, discover app launchers, crew apps into folders, and soar into the arena of rooting your cellphone and applying customized ROMs.

So, needless to say, if you happen to go the rooting or jailbreaking route, you are violating your warranty, so this is not a recreation to aim at a whim. The good news is that there are many step-by-step tutorials and improved articles on the web that may walk you through everything from gaining administrative right of entry to installing ROMs to reverting your cellphone to manufacturing unit stipulations. Nonetheless, it is a chance, so method with caution.

One remaining area of customization I might handle is preloaded apps, better referred to as bloatware. These will not budge more often than not; they have been incorporated as part of the telephone maker’s agenda or a partnership agreement. Infrequently, though, you can force quit them, disable them, or, with iOS and a few Android telephones, rearrange their icons into the darkish recesses of your home screen or app tray to all but ignore them.

Plan for resale

I don’t blame you one bit if your lifeless-final instinct, along with your new cellphone, is to consider its afterlife. But trust me, a year or two down the line- and even longer- you’ll be able to be grateful you probably did.

Particularly when you finish reselling your phone immediately to some other human (and not to a corporation), you’ll wish to maintain the box in just the right form, and yep, those structural cardboard inserts, too. It makes a better presentation that way, and the situation of your phone and its accessories can give you a better sale price.

I might also strongly suggest getting a sturdy case to protect your phone. This is so much for your daily benefit as it is to guard the cellphone’s resale price down the road. Sure, your self-expression in choosing a case still takes precedence. Still, suppose you’ll finish recouping your prices when you find yourself prepared to maneuver on. In that case, you could as smartly get the most to your handset as possible with an issue that actively shields the cellphone’s prone screen and corners instead of merely taking a look excellent.