Saving Tips And Tricks For Shop-o-Holics


More than spas and good food, if there’s one thing women resort to for absolute therapy, it’s got to be shopping! For most, it doesn’t even matter what they buy or whether they even need it. The act of shopping itself sets their restless souls free. It’s not just a stress buster but also an excellent way to pamper oneself. But what if you exceed your limits? It’s only natural if you keep visiting the store every now and then. But fret not. We’re here to share few tips and tricks to amaze your shopaholic heart!

1. Subscribe subscribe subscribe!


Your favorite E-store probably has it’s own newsletter and offers timely subscriptions notifying you about all the great deals you could avail. The best part? They cut their loyal members some truly worthy deals which you’d otherwise regret missing out on.

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2. Coupon mania


Coupons are a shopaholic’s best friend. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. The best part about these coupons are they’re available year round and provide some fantastic discounts. Last minute birthday gift, weekly grocery shopping, home needs, or even a simple recharge is covered using Paytm recharge coupons. This was just an example in the sea of others. Explore from the range of options on your platter and you’d be surprised on how much you can possibly save!

3. Basic tricks


Apart from the aforementioned sure shot tricks, these will add on to your saving cum shopping spree. Firstly, leave your items in the cart for a few days. Many retailers try enticing you back by offering various schemes. Or you could go for price comparison on different websites and opt for the one with the lowest. Availing codes is another way by which retailers love to pamper their customers. Take Uber for example, using an Uber promo code will sometimes even get you a free ride. Could it get any better?

Apart from the seasonal end-of-sale and discounts, e-store retailers love their customers and they sure know how to express that. So, come one! Go get them and bring your inner goddess to bow down in front of you!