Samsung extends lead in global mobile phone market

Samsung and Apple received a market share in global cell phone shipments while No. 2 Nokia pale. According to new knowledge released Thursday, Samsung improved its lead in the international cell phone market during the second quarter of 2013, accounting for virtually 28 % of all mobile phones shipped.

The South Korean electronics shipped 107 million handsets in 1 / 4. They noticed the field’s fastest enlargement in 12 months, growing four % yearly to achieve 386 million devices, in line with figures launched Thursday through market researcher Strategy Analytics. So much of that growth used to be fueled by demand for entry-stage Android units in Asia and Latin America.


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“This used to be the cell phone industry’s fastest increase fee because the 2nd quarter of 2012,” Neil Shah, a senior analyst at Technique Analytics, stated in an observation that the previous second quarter logged 371.5 million devices shipped.

Whereas Samsung’s world market share of mobile phone shipments grew from 25 percent in the 2nd quarter, 2d-place Nokia lost just about a 3rd of its turf, falling from a 22.5 pic share within the 2d quarter of 2012 to 15.8 percent in this yr.’s 2d quarter, technique Analytics.

Besides Samsung, Apple benefited from Nokia’s decline, growing from a seven pic market share to an 8.1 percent. Fourth-location LG is also more suitable, from 3.5 % of worldwide mobile phone shipments to four. Six p.c.

Strategy Analytics blamed Nokia’s market share decline on fading demand for its function phones and devices operating the Finnish handset maker’s generally deserted Symbian running gadget.

Whereas Apple is presently caught in a 1/3 situation, strategy Analytics urged it to elevate its piece by releasing a lot-rumored low-value iPhone.

“Apple’s share of the cell phone market is struggling to interrupt during the 10 percent ceiling into double figures, and it is going only to be capable of achieving this on a sustainable basis if it provides new iPhone fashions at cheaper price-factors or with larger screens in the future,” senior analyst Woody Oh stated in a statement.