Russia: Pokemon Go Blogger Convicted


(Moscow) – A Russian courtroom on May eleven, 2017, Pokemon convicted a 22-year-antique blogger on criminal charges of incitement of hatred and insult to the spiritual feelings of believers, Human Rights Watch stated nowadays. The court docket gave the blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky, a three-and-a-half-yr suspended sentence.

Sokolovsky had posted to YouTube a prank video wherein he performs Pokemon Go in a church. The authorities have to take steps to have the conviction vacated or set apart and forestall prosecuting individuals for nonviolent exercising in their right to unfastened speech.

“It’s a comfort that Sokolovsky isn’t always at the back of bars, however, the reality that he turned into prosecuted and convicted stays a high example of the Russian government using vague and vast anti-extremist laws to stifle unfastened speech and sell self-censorship,” said Yulia Gorbunova, Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Sokolovsky’s moves may also have indignant some or certainly many, however they present no public chance and crook sanctions in opposition to him are groundless incursions at the proper to free expression.”

The fees against Sokolovsky stem from August 11, 2016, prank video Sokolovsky uploaded to his YouTube channel.

In the video, Sokolovsky is seen playing Pokemon Go, the famous vicinity-based totally truth game, on his smartphone in the Russian Orthodox Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg. At the quiet of the video, Sokolovsky says: “I regret not catching the rarest of Pokemon: Jesus. They say he does now not exist.”

The video changed into extensively shared online and suggested in the media, consisting of by using pro-Kremlin Russia 24, which mentioned that the video insulted the feelings of spiritual believers, and called Sokolovsky “mentally unwell.”

Also in August, Sokolovsky published any other video mocking Russian Orthodox suggestions about marriage and own family. Citing the French satirical mag Charlie Hebdo as his personal idea, Sokolovsky additionally wrote numerous different satirical or critical blog posts about the Orthodox Church.

Russian Holidays


An essential Russian excursion is New Year’s Day – January 1st. During the Soviet technology, people were not allowed to have fun Christmas, so New Year’s have become the maximum important holiday. New Year’s is a public vacation while Christmas is greater of a non-public circle of relatives holiday. Happy New Year in Russian is ‘Snovum God.’

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Russian Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January seventh. This is the equivalent day to December 25 within the old Russian calendar.Russians additionally rejoice ‘Catholic Christmas’ on December twenty-fifth and the antique Russian New Year’s Day of January 14th in the Julian calendar, which they used till 1918.

Russians celebrate more vacations than Hallmark Cards. It is just one extra reason to tug the cork out of the vodka bottle.

The most vital vacation as ways as Russian girls are concerned is “International Women’s Day.” This is March 8. This vacation, that Americans have never heard of, is like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and her birthday all rolled into one. On at the moment, the guys do all the household chores. They treat the woman of the house as Queen for a Day. They buy her a nice gift and maybe plants.

One word of recommendation: Remember this day as you will your anniversary, her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It is that crucial to a Russian girl.

One big distinction between Russia and America is that Russians don’t rejoice Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. They don’t rejoice any of the ethnic vacations that America has like St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, or Martin Luther King Day, although I’m certain they may get in the back of the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day one hundred percent.

Each former Soviet Republic has its own independence day that is well known like Independence Day in America, even though not pretty to the identical diploma it’s far celebrated in America.February 23 is officially Soldier’s Day and is sort of like Father’s Day wherein guys are honored.

May nine is Victory Day, where the Russians celebrate victory within the first-rate Patriotic War — what we call World War II. Every guy who is a veteran is dealt with like a fashionable in this day. There is plenty consuming and celebrating to honor the conquering battle heroes.

November 7 is the Soviet vacation that commemorates the October Revolution (which clearly passed off in November) when the Bolsheviks took strength from the Czar. The purpose’s far called the October revolution is as it was inside the month of October within the old Russian calendar.

Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go isn’t sparkling information. It has grown to be one of the pinnacle rated and most famous games global-wide. What in reality is that this crazy and crave for Pokémon Go?

The famous Nintendo-constructed Pokémon which exploded in repute across the past due to the 90s, has revived the game world with its brand new GO version and is taking the sector by a typhoon.

The Pokémon Go is outwardly one of the series biggest admittance into the cellular gaming. It is offered for a loose download on Android and iOS. The sport’s repute, for the time being, is similar to that of Twitter’s day by day energetic customers on Android.

Pokémon Go is a sport which makes use of someone’s phone’s GPS and clock to experience in which the sports player is within the sport, and then conjures a Pokémon to “seem” around you within your phone display screen. It is your challenge to proceed in catching them. The Pokémon series and video games happen in a global inhabited by using strikingly effective monsters. These game monsters can appear as rats, dragons, snakes, birds, eggs, timber, dinosaurs or even swords.

As you circulate within the sport, numerous bureaucracy and numbers of Pokémon’s will appear randomly near your vicinity and your telephone’s time tracking. The principal intention of the game is to inspire you to ride across the actual global to trap a Pokémon whilst within the sports scene. By utilizing your cellphone’s capability to music time and your area, Pokemon Go mirrors what it might be like if the monsters really had been wandering around. The monsters need to be stuck and accrued.

The principal access to Pokémon games started out with 151 creatures. However, the catalog has on the grounds that advanced to greater than 720. With the Pokémon Go, only the unique 151 creatures are handy.

Pokémon Go is now enjoyable the fantasies that Pokémon fanatics international-extensive have had in view that the sport’s first launch. It is a hot spot for adventurous sports games and is one of the unfastened trending games presently to be had. Fans need to play now in the event that they have not but.

Further, then attaining childhood dreams, Pokémon Go is everybody’s intro into a new kind of game that connects the real world with a virtual one which is also referred to as Augmented Reality.

Why play this game? Since everyday activities can get boring, it can get better by spicing it up with the new craze, Pokemon Go!

Are you a Pokemon fan? Why not download the free Pokemon Go app now available on your phone at Google Play store? New e-books for training and tricks are now available at

Blogging Tools: Choosing the Payment Processor

Are you a critical blogger?


Then you want some kind of price processor. A lot of people use PayPal. Other systems, it’s surely critical to have price processor of a few type.

Because ultimately, in case you are an extreme blogger and if you are in the blogging world for a long time with long time desires, you may want to have an opportunity to acquire cash from humans.

Money in the shape of bills, subscriptions, or even donations in case you don’t care about producing paid form of content but that works, too. Because your paintings are valuable to humans, your time is treasured and you produce fantastic records. You assist people, that’s the primary idea of the weblog that you have in mind.

Sooner or later, people will have to reciprocate. People will want to mention the way to you and there are quite a few methods to say thank you, proper? In sharing your records, spreading the word for you, posting on social media approximately you. Basically, come to be a mega telephone of your paintings and turn out to be your true pals.

A smaller quantity of human beings, a smaller group of your readership will actually need to work closer with you. Because they need your private interest, perhaps. They like so much your free records which you’re supplying to your weblog, that perhaps they need to shop for something from you and they will ask you for this.

Actually, to have a shape of price, to choose bills online is clearly a need to sooner or later. PayPal of direction is one of the number one methods to try this.