Punjab School Education Board to declare


The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is ready to claim secondary school or Class 10 results on May 22.

PSEB chairman, Balbir Singh Dhol said: “We have compiled the consequences and could claim it on May 22.” He said the students and instructors could be capable of getting entry to the outcomes on May 23 after nine am.

As many as 4.12 lakh college students appeared for the Class 10 board examination within the kingdom. The result will be declared by using PSEB chairman Balbir Singh Dhol.

The PSEB declared Class 12 outcomes on May thirteen. In all 2, Seventy seven eighty-five,138 students appeared in the ordinary examination and 1,86,278 college students cleared the exam. In the open college class 29,677 college students seemed and 10,043 cleared. The usual bypass percentage in XII this year dipped to 62.36 % in coSeventy-seven % in 2016 and 76.24 % in 2015.

The Climate Of Punjab


The climate of Punjab is of continental nature with huge warmness in the summer time while winters are positively bloodless. Punjab can be divided into 3 wonderful climate Regions.

The Climate Of Plain Regions

The climate of simple regions may be very hot in summers and quite bloodless in wintry weather. In summers the temperatures of over 104 F are pretty commonplace and hot air maintains to blow most of the time. The rainfall is meager and primarily happens in the wet season that is pretty quick -about 6 weeks to 2 months

Winters are slight and the weather is apparent excluding western disturbance- an additional tropical rain bearing gadget- that visits this location after each week or so and offers moderate rainfall. The temperatures are also pleasant and daytime high generally does not exceed 75 F. While night time low is usually forty F.

The Climate Of The Mountains

The climate of the mountains of Punjab observes the equal thermal hydro regime as that of the plains. The handiest difference is that in those Region the summers are pretty slight with daytime temperatures exceed 90 F very not often even at the height of summer season and the temperatures of the order of 80 F is the norm. The rainy season has the identical duration, however, the rain is each extra in quantity and depth,

The winters here are bitterly bloodless with nighttime lows falling to as little as 20 F. The snowfall is heavy and also the result of western disturbance as discussed above.

The Climate Of Western Dry Lands

Th western dry land, for a maximum part, includes wilderness or semi-desert with very little flowers. The climate is extreme each in summer and iciness months. The rainfall may be very scanty each in summer and wintry weather, In summer time, it is common to record temperatures as high as 122 F at mid-day. In winters temperatures as little as 32 F aren’t unusual.

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In short, the climate of Punjab is of continental nature with out of the ordinary differences between summer season and iciness temperatures. The fine length to visit Punjab Plains and dry areas is fro November to February at the same time as if one has a goal to go to the mountainous vicinity, the best season is from April to June ( earlier than heavy monsoon rains set in ) and from mid September to mid November ( earlier than heavy snowfall and excessive iciness conditions set in).

How to Start a Traffic School in California


The first component you need to do is visit the California DMV internet site, dmv.Ca.Gov I will upload links for you so you can find the facts effortlessly because the DMV internet site may be a bit difficult to navigate via. (AB2499 is New CA legislation for visitors faculties that was put in location 9.1.2012) It covers all of the guidelines and rules in addition to the qualifications wished for the proprietor operator and teacher.

After you undergo the information you’ll need to print out the site visitors school proprietor tick list, it will prove to be very beneficial in checking off every factor you want to finish.

Opening up a Traffic violator school can be a long and tedious undertaking; there are many requirements that want to be in the region before the DMV approves you.

I will list many of the steps involved in establishing up your school

1) The first element the DMV requires is to publish a visitors faculty lesson plan together with an $800.00 rate in your unique evaluate of a web route, $800.00 for a home examine route overview or $475.00 for a lecture room course to be submitted together with your OL764 form. You will wait up to a hundred and twenty days for the DMV to do a history take a look at on you as well anticipating your approval or rejection of your course. If you would select you should buy a pre-approved lesson plan which is probably simpler than writing your personal that is a 6 month to a year assignment. Plus you may get your approval letter from the DMV in about a week and best ought to pay a $25.00 rate to use a pre-accredited direction.

2)The DMV have to approve your site visitors college call before you could move ahead with the relaxation of your application, you may need to fill out the OL 612 form, but before you your waste time shopping your domain name for a web traffic college you could call the DMV and check to see if the name you want to use is to be had at the time of your name (916) 229-3126. If your call is much like another call being used, your domain call may be rejected. If the call is available then you may send the form as much as DMV by means of in a single day mail, they will ship you back and acclaim for your chosen call by way of US mail.Once you get your application authorized, your college name may be placed on the DMV website, that is free advertising for you.

Some extra DMV requirements are: being fingerprinted by using live experiment, securing a bond, pay the specified fees, put up an insurance certificate, purchase a DMV approved lesson plan, or write your very own, lease an office space wherein to run your commercial enterprise out of and maintain your site visitors violator training if you want to educate a lecture room path. FYI…The DMV makes no distinction between a lecture room traffic school or an online site visitors school route in phases of the utility method, the DMV needs you to have a workplace space even in case you most effective have a web course. They nation that students need to be able to come into the enterprise they have chosen to take their traffic college course with.

Your application needs to also have: Assurance of compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Property use verification. If you Incorporate or pick out to have a Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned corporations: You will need a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or different file filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, shareholders, and executives with a hobby inside the business are required.

A copy of your Business License

Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
A copy of your condo or hire agreement for all workplaces and classrooms or use form OL a hundred and forty-four, Traffic Violator School Classroom Lease or Rental Agreement.

A California traffic faculty includes an owner or proprietors, an operator who oversees the operation of the faculty and the visitor’s school instructor who will educate the classes. The operator has to take an 8-hour route both online or in class as part of their software method in the event that they have by no means been a certified DMV operator earlier than. If they have previously been a DMV certified operator then they handiest want to take a 4 hour online or in class course. After elegance, they may get hold of a certificate which may be taken to DMV with their software packet. After the operator has taken their preliminary path whether a four or 8 hours they’ll need to take a mandatory 4-hour magnificence each yr. The proprietor does no longer need to take a DMV take a look at, however, the operator and trainer do. The written exam will encompass traffic legal guidelines, Safe riding practices, Knowledge of coaching methods and strategies. The operator may also have additional take a look at questions about statutes and regulations, office processes and report maintaining.

These are simply some of the requirements that I have indexed above, read thru the statistics on the DMV internet site before you decide in case you want to continue with beginning up your faculty. In my destiny articles, i can move over the necessities in greater depth for the operator and instructor as well as advertising and marketing yourself on the internet.

Role Of Technology In Education


In the present day international, technology performs a very large role. With each new day a new software program, device or software is delivered into the market that claims to enhance our lives in a single manner or every other. However, it’s miles essential to recognize that no matter the truth that technology plays a crucial function in making our lives secure, it isn’t the best role it has.

Technology is developing its role inside the schooling discipline also. The greater generation advances, the greater benefits it provides for college students at every level.

Technology in training

We can use a variety of gear in our school rooms to assist our students to understand what they’re being taught. For instance, projectors and displays may be used for the scholars who’re visual rookies. These projection displays related to computers can be installed school rooms in order that the scholars see their notes as and concentrate to the teacher train altogether. There are some of the websites like Wikipedia, Google and so on. That are presenting online answer for plenty instructional problems.

There is some of the very beneficial software that can be used to assist the elegance curriculum. Students can be provided with quizzes, exams, sports and pattern questions that might help the student’s development with their studying manner when they may be now not in the study room.

Today, the era is being used to a terrific quantity of curriculum even the ones which do now not belong to the era and computers. Students make exact use of computer systems to give you displays and additionally make suitable use of the net to do research on one of a kind topics for his or her tasks and papers.

Many college students do parallel PC instructions in conjunction with their schooling nowadays. This offers the assure that after finishing their graduation, the scholars will not have any troubles with using technology when they’re out of their administrative center or in their personal business, which would possibly help to cause them to extra efficient in comparison to someone who has no knowledge to a certain software or technology in college.