Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 Review


Have you ever had a joyride on a carousel? If yes, then you possibly can surely needless to say as you could ride these plastic ponies or as you may be seated on the soft benches of the carousel, the circus music that performed in the history would have the identical quantity level as you spun round making you feel that the tune was once driving together with you. Now wouldn’t it be beautiful should you had a tune device that might deliver the identical sonically expertise of a stereophonic balanced sound no matter which part of the room you are sitting? Smartly, you could just be a step far from having such an expertise; the all new only is designed to do exactly that. So, let’s have a spin.



Quite simple in design, the only lunar RBX-500 is in form of a tapering cylindrical body with the top section in a shiny black. The upper surface has a lid for shielding the iPod connector and in entrance of it are 5 function buttons. It’s quite shocking to peer the way lunar has six audio systems concealed in the metal mesh. This would leave you thinking about over the association of the six speakers which claim to deliver the 3D sound. Underneath all this is a bass driver that sits silently waiting to unleash the song. Some would possibly argue whether or not docking stations are supposed to be moveable or no longer. There are lots of components that could help to decide a docking station’s portability. The RBX-500 weighs about three.4kg and is usually a little hassle to carry it round. however this without a doubt gainer’s dangle your selections to personal lunar RBX-500 as with a little bit effort it can be packed and taken any place round offering many choices to make use of it for.

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Only is well-known for making truly just right amplifiers and this is usually a robust point if you’re considering the lunar. The RBX-500 has a built-in powerful digital amplifier which drives six full vary 5cm audio system each with a rating of 5 watts and below the unit is a powerful down firing 10 cm subwoofer which is rated at 10 watts. We at all times love it when the audio system are powered with the aid of an amplifier that’s built into the gadget as we believe that the rendering of sound is much better this fashion. To provide even better experience, only has tied up with the Swiss agency “Sonic Emotion” to use their Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound technology in their 6.1 array to offer the most effective encompass sound. Customers also have an option of choosing 3D modes from commonplace, more advantageous and vocal. Along with offering compatibility with a variety of Apple merchandise, the docking station additionally comes with a three.5mm jack, USB, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR to circulation your track instantly to the docking station.