Old mobile mostly by millennials finds OLX study


Nearly seventy-five percent of pre-owned cellular smartphone consumers and 55 percent of pre-owned cellular phone sellers on the main consumer-to-purchaser market OLX mobile are millennials aged 19-29, a new examination said on Wednesday.
According to the OLX examination, the preference to upgrade is the number one motive for promoting cellular telephones for sixty-eight percent of households in India.

This is observed by 27 percent of respondents who referred to

Boredom’ is the principal cause for selling cell phones they have a look pointed out. “With excessive penetration and common updates, clients regularly upgrade to new fashions within months. This outcome is truly pleasant, and fairly new pre-owned phones are coming into the marketplace within months of their release,” Amarjit Singh Batra, OLX India CEO, stated.


Along with the purchasers,

we also see interest from leading mobile manufacturers leveraging our platform to reach out to users seeking to improve. A mobile smartphone is our biggest category in phrases of listings and is developing at 45 percent year-on-year,” Batra said. Nearly 10 million mobile telephones and cellular accessories have been listed on OLX in the economic 12 months 2016-17.

They mention that human beings get a 25 percent higher fee after they promote gadgets online than offline selling and 47 percent better than that through trade. The remaining financial year also saw Chinese manufacturers witnessing a spike in listings on OLX, with the listing share of market leaders and Indian manufacturers declining. “During the economic 12 months 2016-17, the list proportion of Chinese emblem Xiaomi climbed from 4.2 percent to twelve. Eight percent on OLX,” the record stated.

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Also, the common fee for each cell phone on OLX is Rs 9,000, compared to Rs 10,000, which became the average promotion fee for the latest smartphones offered in India in the first region of 2017.

Mobile Application Development Trends For Years To Come

Global revenues for cell programs are expected to grow by using an astounding 962—Five% in 2017. With the growth of cellular applications on smartphones, it will quickly be converted into $100 billion using the give-up of 2020. Rapid improvement in a generation is accountable for the evolution of mobile applications into a global phenomenon. Here are some trendy developments that the most important fraternity of cell phone users can sit up for.

GPS-primarily based Apps: Augmented reality or AR in video games is the cutting-edge trend. The demand for the area-tracking capability of smartphones has increased, making such apps popular among users. AR has recently emerged as extraordinarily useful to people growing three-D games.

Progressive Hybrid Technologies

Progressive hybrid technology will become effective and expand swiftly using gear like Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap. These might be used for agile mixed app development projects. BYOD, or deliver your tool, is a recent phenomenon that contributes a lot to hybrid development and acceptance. According to prediction, cellular business enterprise apps could have excessive demand, and developers may need to accept a project.

Focus on Mobile App Designing: The achievement of a mobile application relies upon how consumer-pleasant the interface is. Graphic artists, illustrators, and animators are employed with each employer’s aid to attract public interest closer to the app’s layout. Visuals, micro-interactions, parallax, grid-based interface designing, and cut-up monitors will be some direction-breaking traits to look out for.

Big Data Turning Big

Big applications are growing massive in terms of significance by combining user-friendliness in interfaces, reliability, and additionally progressed functionality. We will now not anticipate long to witness modern mobile app development integrating IoT, massive records processing features, and cloud connectivity.

Enterprise App Taking Lead: Communication has been made less complicated with the aid of these apps as they can retain regular references to current and capacity clients. With the customization facility, everyday business management sports have also been rendered clean. The CRM cell app is a superb instance of automatically dragging up purchaser information, making operations clean for senior management.

Millennials Are Gonna Pay Big

My buddy L wants to live out of a van. For instance, she works for Whole Foods and walks dogs for more money. The relaxation of the time, although she climbs – interior or outside, it would not depend. Every time she can put together a few days of paid time off… She’s off-scaling mountains in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, or Colorado.

Now, she’s ready to take this hobby to the next step.

A month ago, L advised me she would commit to mountain climbing – all of the time. That means living out of a van she’s been outfitting herself. It’ll have a bed, a mini-kitchen, tools storage – the whole lot she’ll want to stay on the open road.

Now, this might seem like an uncommon preference. However, L is 25 – she’s a millennial. Her generation is increasingly able to make selections like those because millennials are particularly adept at exploiting the new technology that makes them feasible. In truth, those technologies are set up to make traders a fortune.

One of the potentially largest technologies that L can be taking advantage of is mobile banking.

The motive is straightforward: Since she’s residing on the street, she will need to “gig” for cash even as she travels. A gig is a task and not using an employment association. That may imply speedy supporting a person with a quick home-production venture or appearing as a studies assistant to people like me who need statistics quickly for a difficulty. Other gigs, like writing a small part of a PC application, are more state-of-the-art.

Sometimes, your customer could be someone in Singapore, Dubai, New York, or London. After you complete the gig and it comes time to be paid, the consumer sends you the money through a cellphone app, Venmo, PayPal, or Dwolla. So, it is easy for humans like L to make money even as they’re touring in pursuit of their passions.

As a result, this form of payment platform is gaining wild recognition.

Follow the Millennial Money

Remember, L isn’t the most effective one doing this. Her entire generation – the millennial era – sees this way of living as a feasible alternative because they have grown up with smartphones and the Internet, which have become as crucial to them as energy and water.

On my own. As you may recognize, millennials are between 18 and 34 nowadays. This generation numbers a whopping ninety-two million human beings in only the U.S., making it the biggest era in records, overtaking the baby-growth age, which numbers 77 million.

Globally, the millennial era is envisioned to be as massive as 2 billion humans sturdy.

Most of the habits of U.S. Millennials are shared by using their peers in Australia, the United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Russia, and many others. In different phrases, if you travel, it won’t take you long earlier than you run right into a millennial who, like my pal L, is pursuing a passion – in outdoor mountaineering, surfing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, volunteering, etc.

Tips to Buy Laptops on OLX in Pakistan

Classified AD posting websites have become famous each day. EBay turned into a superb instance of this reality. In Pakistan, we can see large websites selling online selling. One example is the Asani.Com.Pk, and the alternative one is Olx.Com.Pk. OLX has won massive recognition among Pakistani humans. My pals have been promoting merchandise through OLX for the past few months. You can see many Television advertisements selling OLX services. However, I do not suppose shopping for or promoting OLX merchandise is miles secure.

I am no longer writing this newsletter to harm the reputation of this website.

You ought to begin with a new mindset. You could be handling distinctive humans from all around you. S. Many will ask you for the credit score card records. Technology is ideal, but there is no question that humans have used it to steal personal statistics. OLX is only a platform for meeting with capacity customers. OLX does not assure a hit business interplay.

You can buy products cheaply; however, buying at Amazon.com is safer. If you’re going to purchase laptops at OLX, it’s miles better to observe those tips:

1. Contact the character via cellphone number. Voice-verbal exchange is better than sending textual content messages. I strongly recommend that you talk via telephone. Please be careful about this option. Only make a call when you have an authentic hobby in the product. Do now not waste time.

2. Try to discover the closest area feasible.

You will speak without delay with the purchaser/vendor. It is higher to buy from someone you understand. It’ll be best to meet the buyer/supplier in a common area; if offline assembly isn’t viable, chat through wa webcam.

Three. If you’re a consumer, checking the product is crucial, but it’s miles extra essential to test the consumer’s popularity. It is better to buy from businesses rather than sole proprietors.