OK, Glass: Show me what’s next for Google


The expected 2014 public availability of Google Glass has the potential to alter not just the world of web-connected wearables but Google itself. December 2014 is a year away. Barring unforeseen complications, Google Glass could have long gone public via then and might have perpetually altered its maker.

The story of how Glass might trade Google starts on June 27, 2012. We now understand Google’s X division, Sergey Brin and his cohorts pulled off Glass’s preposterous, bad, and wildly successful extreme sports activities debut at the finish of its annual developer convention keynote.

It wasn’t the first time that Tumbler had been viewed in public, but it all shot the web-enabled headset into public attention. After Google teased the crowd with Glass’ skydiving debut, the company proceeded with a warning that extends to these days.


The headset did not ship until virtually a year after making a splash at Google I/O. Should you shelled out the $1,500 for the Explorer variation of the headset, you needed to visit Google in a particular person to pick it up. Google has by no means mentioned why it is taking this type of cautious approach, but it’s essential to argue that the Glass team knew it had something odd and controversial on its arms and that Glass wanted to handle it with child gloves to make it work.

Gradual and constant Glass construction

fast ahead to lately, Google Glass has advanced at a sluggish and continuous %. Long gone are the days of tossing a smartphone like the G1 into the arena and praying to the gods of free-market capitalism that it will be successful or die a Radian loss of life. Google has matured as a company by its measured technique to Glass.

A few thousand Google Glass testers, largely in the United States, are carrying, testing, and writing apps for the Android-powered headset. Glass receives a month-to-month firmware replacement that adds small but essential features akin to voice command to improve navigation and music. Rarely are there giant, world-shattering updates.

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The final month saw the Glass development kit preview debut, giving Explorer adaptation house owners access to many hardware APIs (utility programming interfaces) to build extra interactive apps. Even in its preview type, the GDK was once a tremendous piece that allowed developers to construct Glassware apps nearer to the quality of apps we have become accustomed to on our smartphones.

We also comprehend that Google invites extra folks to buy Glass, distribute a reasonably up-to-date Explorer adaptation headset to current Glass owners free of charge, and construct some equipment akin to eye shields and mono earbuds.