NSA agents are posing as Santa Claus, sings ACLU


One girl fights back towards a snooping Santa. It has been a yr during which the alleged safety needs have made many individuals feel extra insecure. As now as all of us put together to assemble spherical with our households, the American Civil Liberties Union wishes to remind us that Santa Claus does exist, but he could be an NSA agent. In a YouTube video made, I imagine, we hear a famous song that is infiltrated to make you titter and quiver. “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” has to turn into “The NSA Is Coming To city.”

Some may well be moved with the aid of lines equivalent to “you are making a list, they’re checking it twice” and “they see while you’re sleeping, they hear if you are wide awake.”


As you might be taking note of these phrases of foreboding, we see that NSA dealers are dressing up as secret Santa’s so that they may be able to observe your every transfer.

We see the Nantes marauding around, photographing folksy’s cell phones with their very own cellphones, and usually being intrusive to the purpose of madness. Your madness that is.

Some folks combat again. Some are in basic terms bemused by using this overactivity, while they are trying to focus on what’s essential at Christmas: buying issues.

“Lend a hand us finish the NSA’s unlawful spying programs,” is the message at the finish of this cheery piece. How would you possibly do this? Kidnap the key Santa’s reindeer?