Create & Edit 3600 Video in a Snap with Movavi 360 Video Editor


Please talk about the latest fad in the video world, and it’s surely the cool 3600 visuals that everybody is raving about. -Are you planning to create a 360-degree video for your website or holiday album? That’s great, and you have Movavi 360 Video Editor to help you here. It’s cutting-edge software that is specially engineered to assist in the creation and editing of 360-degree videos. The 360-degree view is excellent for an advanced immersive experience when infusing realistic virtual tours into your website. The post below offers a brief on how to make 360 videos and customize them with state-of-the-art Movavi software.

Step 1

Before getting into the details, note that the Movavi program is easy. The only thing is that you have to know how to work with a 360-degree camera. So, first, you will download & install the Movavi software in your system.

Step 2

Then, you will upload your video from your 360-degree camera to the Movavi program window. However, before editing the video, you will have to stitch together video footage from two or more different cameras. The good thing is that many 360-degree cameras carry stitching software that can be used to put together several video streams.

Step 3

It’s time to edit the 360-degree video with the Movavi 360 Video Editor. The Movavi program will enable you to trim unwanted footage from the video, crop out undesired segments, and enhance the overall image quality. If you are looking for a perfect pro effect for your 360-degree video, the Movavi software is all you need here. The Movavi 360 Video Editor even lets you add special effects and filters to your video.

Step 4

The Movavi program will also enable you to deck up your video with text overlay. You may wish to implement captions or titles in your video, and the software allows you to choose from a versatile range of caption styles.

Step 5

Before you save the edited video, you can convert it into your preferred media format from the Export tab.

Features of Movavi 360 Video Editor

  • Creates stunning 360-degree videos in just minutes
  • Supports Ultra HD videos
  • Carries more than 60 filters as well as over 30 transitions
  • Ability to change video background
  • Ability to customize audio used in the video
  • Able to adjust both speed & color
  • Supports a wide range of video formats

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