Merriam-Webster’s word of the year isn’t selfie, it’s science


Merriam-Webster’s phrase of the year is science.

All faith in humanity is no longer lost as dictionaries become crowded with phrases like sulfide, surly, and tweaking. On Tuesday, Merriam-Webster came out with its high ten words for 2013, and this listing wasn’t slowed down in textual content-talk or web memes.


Merriam-Webster’s grand prize goes to science.

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Which is right, the highest word for 2013 is the age-outdated term, “science,” outlined as “data about or study of the natural world according to tips discovered thru experiments and commentary.”

Merriam-Webster selected its high ten words of the 12 months by looking at the most-searched-for phrases on its online dictionary, along with the words that express the biggest elevation in America compared with years past. The results had been in keeping with about 100 million queries monthly. Science had a 176 p.c. Elevate in the United States over the final year and stay a prime term. The web dictionary stated this year’s high words had been phrases continuously considered within the information.

“All kinds of discussions founded on science this year, from local weather exchange to educational coverage,” Merriam-Webster Editor at massive Peter Sokolowski stated in a remark. “We noticed heated debates about ‘phony’ science, or whether science held all the solutions. It’s an issue that has nice value for us.”

From hottest to least, the following nine high phrases have been: cognitive, rapport, conversation, niche, ethic, paradox, visceral, integrity, and metaphor. This listing indicates that people are looking for more than a famous person, scandal, and spelling shortcuts.