Man in Tesla Model S fire: ‘I’d buy another one’


How the Tesla Motors club web site reacted to first pictures of the fire.

Automotive brands revel in testimonials from chuffed drivers.

But there may be something somewhat more highly effective, when the testimonial is from a driver whose automobile simply caught hearth.

In a weblog post on Tesla web page, Juries Shibayama, an MD from Tennessee, explains what took place when his adaptation S caught fireplace last Wednesday.

He ends his clarification with a line that no longer everyone would expect: “I might purchase another one in a heartbeat.”

Shibayama stated that he struck a 3-pronged trailer hitch in the heart lane of the interstate. He persevered:

About 30-forty five seconds later, there used to be a warning on the dashboard display pronouncing, ‘automobile needs carrier. Automobile would possibly not restart.’ I persisted to pressure, hoping to get dwelling. About one minute later, the message on the dashboard show read, ‘Please pull over safely. Automotive is shutting down.’

He mentioned he had time to take away his possessions, even if, he said: “About 5-10 seconds after getting out of the car, smoke started to come from the entrance underbody of the auto.”

Subsequent, he stated he received one hundred yards away and, some two minutes later, the car caught fireplace.

It seems as if the protective protect across the cars battery had been punctured.

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Shibayama, although, believes he used to be fortunate: “Had I not been in a Tesla, that object may have punched in the course of the ground and brought about me critical harm.”

A cynical few may wonder whether his statement was assisted via the drivers of Tesla’s PR computing device. Alternatively, Shibayama’s words are very clear: “This expertise does not whatsoever make me think that the Tesla adaptation S is an unsafe automobile.”

The truth that that is the 1/3 Tesla adaptation S hearth within the ultimate two months will lead some to surprise that there might be safety or design considerations with the auto. No longer according to the national highway traffic safety Administration, which gave it a 5-celebrity security score. (The NHTSA is alleged to have contacted authorities in Tennessee to see if additional investigation is warranted.)

Perhaps the three fires represent a twist of fate, or the fact that a few extra Telis are actually on the highway. But as an endorsement, Shibayama’s openness to purchasing some other one is as excellent a commercial as Tesla could hope for within the cases.

I have contacted Tesla to ask how the put up took place and will update, will have to I hear.

Indirectly, we all buy automobiles on belief. It appears at the least Juries Shibayama, MD, has not misplaced any religion after his dangerous expertise.