Maldives blogger stabbed to death in capital


A blogger who regularly satirized the Maldives’ political and nonsecular established order has been stabbed to demise in the capital, the 1/3 media figure to be targeted in the Indian ocean archipelago in the past 5 years.

Yameen Rasheed, 29, turned into finding early on Sunday inside the stairwell of his condo constructing in Malé with more than one stab wounds to his neck and chest. He died quickly after being taken to a sanatorium, a circle of relatives participants stated.

His blog, The Daily Panic, had accumulated a large following for its droll reporting and biting satire of what Rasheed knew as “the often unsatirizable politics” of the USA, domestic to approximately 340,000 Sunni Muslims.

An IT expert by exchange

Rasheed maintained the blog in his spare time, writing that he aimed to file “the unfiltered reality, the sickening facts, the gruesome information, and – because this is the Maldives – the painfully apparent”

He was arrested in conjunction with scores of others and imprisoned for three weeks in 2015 after taking component in an antigovernment rally inside the capital.

His father, Hussain Rasheed, stated he learned his son were hospitalized just earlier than 5 am on Sunday morning. “They informed me they couldn’t show me the frame, but I stated changed into his father, I had the proper to look him earlier than it changed into wiped clean up,” he said.

He stated a burial rite have been held in a while Sunday, where pals paid tribute to his “very candy” son. The circle of relatives become distressed and “very angry”, he brought.

Zaheena Rasheed, a pal and the editor of the Maldives Independent information internet site, stated he were receiving normal demise threats w

“There’s quite a few anger on the police in the intervening time because he became so vocal approximately the truth he turned into being threatened and all and sundry knew,” she stated.

He turned into frequently abused for being a “secularist with a schedule”, she said, even though his writing centered on social justice, government incompetence, corruption, and waste.

“We’ve all had demise threats and you don’t take it severely, however, we’ve lost so many human beings,” she added.

Another journalist and buddy, Daniel Bosley, stated Rasheed became widely recognized for his sense of humor and sharp opinion writing. “He just wrote so much better than all and sundry else,” he stated.

Identifying Sharks within the Maldives


There are over 20 species of shark living in the Pacific waters around the Maldives, of which simplest present any risk to scuba divers. The others and even the possible aggressors are certainly some of the Maldives finest diving attractions. In reality, ask any driver what the good thing he’s ever visible underwater and he will probably tell you it turned into some type of shark.
The following is a brief guide to the sharks of the Maldives collectively with photographs and descriptions that will help you apprehend them.

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Whale Shark

The highlight of most drivers’ careers, the whale shark is the most important fish within the water, measuring up to forty ft lengthy. The shark is gray with very different white spots all over his back. This shark isn’t always competitive and poses no chance to divers. On the opposite, they’re very docile creatures a good way to assist you to swim close to them.

Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is the second one largest predatory shark within the world, after the Great White. It is also the second one maximum aggressive shark in relation to attacking humans, although in Hawaii, in which maximum Tiger Shark attacks occur, there’s rarely multiple a year. The Tiger can be identified by his tiger-like stripes on his higher frame and sheer size – Tiger Sharks degree up to 9 ft lengthy. To see a Tiger Shark whilst diving is an actual deal with, however, divers are nicely-cautioned to swim far from the shark quietly and without panicking.

Hammerhead Shark

One of nature most uncommon creatures, the Hammerhead Shark is an outstanding beast to see. There are nine hammerhead species already diagnosed (the ninth specimen changed into identified in South Carolina in 2006), of which three can be risky to people, despite the fact that shark assaults by way of hammerheads are nearly exceptional. Hammerhead Point, additionally known as Madivaru Corner, is a diving website in Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives, wherein Hammerheads skip by means of the reef wall early every morning, in conjunction with a spread of huge deep-water fish. This breathtaking drive is a should-see for any diving enthusiast in the Maldives.

All different shark species inside the Maldives pose no chance to human beings, however all of the identical, they must be handled with respect to ensuring utmost safety.

The White-Tip Reef Shark is one of the most common sharks to be visible in the Maldives. It is a gray shark with a white tip on its dorsal fin. The white-tip is most energetic at night, and because the call suggests, it is maximum commonly observed around the reef.

Opting Blogging As a Career in Today’s World


If you are a totally passionate creator who is looking ahead to opt for blogging as a profession, then right here are some things that could help you have a kick start to your profession. Basically, there are five sorts of bloggers on the earth of lifestyles.

A) The Hobbyist

The kind of man or woman who uses blogging for his or her personal amusement or leisure reason for the viewers without any intentions or expectations of wages or blessings

b) The Part-timer

The form of the blogger who uses running a blog to supplement their profits.

C) The Entrepreneur

A man or woman who blogs for a company that they very own, to help it through great ideas and interaction with their users, for the improvement of the high-quality of the enterprise.

D) The Corporate

A person who blogs in conjunction with their complete-time or element-time association with an organization.

E) The complete-timer

The character who blogs as a complete-time career.

In the above blogger’s life, other than the person that blogs as a hobby, there’s one element in common. They receive a commission, and feature a blast! You can be a full-time professional blogger who works mainly at one joint or country of the enterprise for a long time frame or even short durations. Else, you could paintings as a contract blogger who changes their medium of work for each blog publish or articles being posted. Based on the option chosen, the wages will range. For example, a contract blogger may additionally earn wages much less while as compared to complete-time specialists. It also can be the opposite way round depending on the context of the paintings being provided.

Structure of wages

In a survey of 1 K-bloggers via a nicely renowned blog website online in 2012, it is determined that 17% are capable of managing their way of life or offer support to their own family with their running a blog profession, while 81% in no way make even $a hundred from running a blog. The other 2% spend less than 2 hours a day blogging but make greater than $150K. It all relies upon on how certified your blog posts are and what sort of a platform you work for in the case of blogging. You wages rely on how often you generally tend to blog, the exceptional of your content material, how competitive your topic is on the internet and community, and the way powerful you are at grabbing an exquisite deal of target market, as well as a chunk of success.

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Opting For Capital Growth Funds



A lot of business proprietors are searching out methods to improve their organizations. Sadly, a few enterprise owners make errors when choosing offerings together with capital growth finances. Luckily, there are nonetheless alternatives to avoid this. And, the suitable preference is to recognize those errors. To help you, under are a number of the mistakes you want to be aware of

Not thinking about their wishes

One of the main mistakes some enterprise proprietors make whilst opting for capital boom price range isn’t always thinking about their needs. As of now, capital growth price range can provide people with several benefits. These encompass enhancing profits in addition to boosting commercial enterprise reputation. Sadly, some commercial enterprise proprietors do not don’t forget their needs which could have an effect on such offerings. Because of this, they may become choosing the incorrect services that could affect their goals.

Neglecting funding alternatives

The mistake that some company proprietors make while choosing growth funds is neglecting investment alternatives. When opting for capital boom funds, commercial enterprise owners want to invest their price range in exclusive varieties of funding alternatives. However, some individuals neglect these alternatives. As a result, there are instances after they revel in large dangers that can easily affect their price range. So, earlier than opting for increase answers, you want to make sure that you look for the right investment.

Forgetting to be patient

When planning to opt for the capital answers price range, it is also imperative for enterprise owners not to forget about to be patient. Surely, maximum enterprise owners look for investments which can offer them with income at once. But, these kinds of options are pretty unstable. Plus, there also are times while those kinds of investments do not give you the proper benefits. Therefore, you need to be patient for the reason that maximum increase price range options yield higher consequences ultimately.

Not choosing the right companions

Finally, some employer owners revel in errors with reference to deciding on capital growth solutions because of the incorrect companions. Due to the growing demand of boom price range solutions, there is actually numerous carrier provides enterprise owners can pick from. Unfortunately, now not all service vendors provide the identical exceptional of offerings. Other than that, a few carrier providers provide inexperienced professionals. Because of this, plans and choices can’t be made nicely. To keep away from this, it’s miles excellent to look for dependable services carriers who can healthy your wishes easily.