Look out, Google Glass: Samsung eyeing wearable technology


Will Google Glass soon compete with a Samsung tool?

Samsung reportedly is gearing up for the wearable expertise market. Conversing on the company’s Analyst Day, Samsung vs. and CEO Kwon Oh-hymn mentioned Wednesday that his firm has been dedicating significant tools to a couple of technologies, together with “wearable’s,” according to the Wall boulevard Journal, which was once in attendance on the event. The slide to accompany his remark confirmed the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and eyeglasses that would possibly compete with Google Glass.

Rumors had been swirling that Samsung is at work on smart eyewear. Final month, a patent filing surfaced in Korea for Samsung eyewear. That application indicated that the software would be related right away to a smartphone and has built-in earphones.

Google Glass

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Samsung has not announced any plans to launch a Google Glass competitor, but Kwon’s comments indicate no such software is coming.