Laptop device for Kansas driving force’s licenses


A kingdom computer gadget that was supposed to be released more than five years ago has been delayed again. The Kansas Department of Revenue introduced it Wednesday. Can license, a KDOR undertaking, update 30-year-antique mainframe laptop structures utilized by examiners to trouble the Kansas Driving Force’s licenses and identity cards? It was slated to return online on Jan. 2, six years after its preliminary focused release date. According to an information launch from KDOR, the undertaking was delayed to ensure it was “a hit rollout.”

“My function from the start has been that this computer machine will no longer go live until it is ready, and the testing indicated it requires a bit more work to get there,” stated Revenue Secretary Sam Williams.

KDOR spokeswoman Rachel Whitten stated earlier this month that the project appeared to be prepared to head live on Jan. 2. When auditors placed the task on “caution” popularity every week later, she might not say whether officers believed the venture would come online as scheduled. The release did not say how long the postponement would be.

“Further testing is wanted to determine the length of the cut-off, but the anticipation is that it will most effectively depend on days or even weeks,” the release says.

Laptop device

Williams said county and county officials could have been required to work on New Year’s Day to roll the challenge out on Jan. 2, which might now not be essential.

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It has been almost six years since KanLicense turned into deliberate release, and the country had to sever an agreement with 3M, the agency it first picked to build the program. They can be rife with difficulties and delays. The state rolled out a new machine in May 2012 to issuer titles and registrations. However, it resulted in delays and court cases for customers.

Rep. Blake Carpenter, a Derby Republican, stated he spoke with Williams about the postponement and discovered KDOR turned into anticipating certification from an outside organization to launch its software. He said he was satisfied they weren’t launching the mission upfront and was ignorant of any other troubles with this system’s readiness.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s still now not used. I might accept as true with that,” Carpenter said. “But at this factor, we’ve already waited six years, so what’s ready another week or two?”

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