Konami starts survey to gauge interest in Metal Gear Rising sequel


Konami appears to be gauging how many fanatics would favor a sequel to this 12 months’ hack-and-cut-down action recreation metallic equipment Rising: Vengeance. The company has begun a survey that asks plenty of questions, largely concerning the metal equipment franchise and Platinum games.

It’s a reasonably long survey and will close for approximately twenty minutes. The survey also asks what lovers would like from brand new steel equipment Rising sport, with choices including extra-human enemies, a web-based multiplayer mode, and a distinct protagonist than Raided.

Each series creator, Hideo Kojima, and Steel Equipment Rising: Vengeance producer Yuji Korekado, has proven passion in making an imaginable sequel for the sport, but only if Platinum Video Games is the studio so that it will increase it.

Metal Gear Rising sequel

It could quickly be time for Jack to let her rip… again

Metal Equipment Rising: Vengeance is set shortly, where cyborg expertise has become common all over society. Three years have passed since the Patriots’ gadgets fell, which have been secretly controlling the worldwide energy steadiness from the shadows. Alternatively, peace is still elusive. The dissemination of cybernetic expertise has brought instability and warfare as those who keep watch over the alternate gain energy.

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In June, Konami formally introduced that metallic tools Rising: Vengeance would be making its strategy to the laptop through digital distribution structures. However, no price or unlock date has been published up to now. The sport is currently available on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.