Joburg belongings ‘hijack kingpin’ arrested


Johannesburg’s “most wanted” property hijacking kingpin – who masqueraded as an investigator supporting tenants – has been arrested. So brazen was his modus operandi‚ that he allegedly hoodwinked the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police (JMPD) into escorting him to properties that he planned to hijack‚ beneath the pretense that he turned into running with the metropolis to analyze hijacked buildings.

“Today‚ I turned into informed of the arrest of Joburg’s most wanted belongings hijacker and his two co-accused‚ who’re implicated in 8 instances of assets hijacking‚” Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba stated in a declaration on Saturday.

“It is alleged that this kingpin approached unsuspecting tenants residing in houses around Joburg and brought himself as an investigator. He would then kingdom that the true owners of the residences were hijackers and that the tenants have to now not cooperate with them‚” Mashaba said. “Further‚ he might train the tenants now not to pay any rent to the proprietors but him as an alternative.”

The equal modus operandi was used in advance within the year whilst the man and his cohorts attempted‚ but failed‚ to hijack a building in Jeppestown. The assets proprietors alerted the metropolis’s Group Forensic and Investigation Services (GFIS) unit, which roped within the Hawks and surpassed the assets again after an afternoon.


“It is likewise alleged that in the beyond‚ the kingpin has also utilized the offerings of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police (JMPD)‚ for you to be escorted to houses he wanted to hijack‚ under the pretense that he’s working closely with the City in investigating hijacked homes‚” stated Mashaba.

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“The kingpin has been convicted of fraud earlier than and was also found responsible for impersonating a police officer; he has a 157-page criminal profile. It is alleged that he has been working throughout u. S. A. And has criminal instances in Mpumalanga‚ Northern Cape and within the Western Cape.”

The three alleged assets hijackers will seem inside the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on January 4. Approximately 164 homes are regarded as having been “hijacked” inside the metropolis. So what the heck is “Image File Execution Options,” and why need to be concerned approximately them? I realize the name alone is pretty a mouthful, so… let us name them IFEO for the rest of this submit and make things smooth, OK?

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There is lots of malware out there. This is doing simply this. They are adding a large listing of recognized protection applications to the IFEO key so that whilst you attempt to run them, they either do now not run in any respect or release every other copy of the virus executable itself! How smooth! If you suspect that your laptop can be infected and are not able to launch the safety packages that you would typically use to assist smooth it up, this is a superb region to begin to decide the way to get your apps to run properly once more.

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