Is The Tesla Phone Model PI Real?


Tesla Phone Model PI

In 2023, the market will see a novelty in the smartphone industry that will make you believe in the future. Most likely, this’s the age of new opportunities, reality, and also discoveries.

A wonder from Elon Musk is going to hit the market which is Tesla Phone. Possibly this’s an extreme breakthrough in technology. Or perhaps just another misreading of a marketing scheme.

Let’s find out what awaits us and what possibilities the new Tesla phone will have. Simultaneously, we put forward assumptions about when the Tesla Pi phone will come out and delight the first owner(s) with their phone(s). How much does the Tesla Smartphone cost and will the much anticipated Tesla phone match the price or not?

Is The Tesla Mobile Pi Smartphone Real?

Tesla phone Model Pi is a smartphone that will stand out against the backdrop of a huge number of modern gadgets in the hands of users from the local mobile market. Every little thing is thought out, starting from a futuristic design, and ending with built-in unique features unusual for a phone.

It will be the first phone to support mobile communications and the ability to connect to a satellite network. Finally, more or less intelligible information appears about the upcoming release of new features and a complete revolution in our view of telephony.

Now the question is “Is the Tesla phone model Pi real or just another illusion of a marketing strategy? It looks like the Tesla company won’t launch a Pi Phone. There is no reasonable source to consider at this moment.

The source of such rumors appears to come from a YouTube video posted by Adrstudiodesign in early 2021. Nevertheless, it is significant to mention that the thoughts shown in the video are cleanly theoretical and not established on confirmed leaks. The video says the content is just their creative ideas instead of details or leaks.

Some rumors even say that this will be a high-performance Tesla smartphone that will have a Tesla app. So, let’s continue reading this article to know about the possible release date, possible features, and specifications that the rumored Tesla phone model Pi 5G has.

When Will The Tesla Phone Be Released?

Although Tesla has not yet given an official confirmation, industry professionals expect the Tesla Model Pi phone to enter the telephony market in around late 2023 or in early 2024.

It isn’t too difficult to see why Tesla company may not show a rush to release the product. Buyers already have several options from renowned brands such as Apple, Samsung, and so many more. Thus, it will take an excellent phone for a beginner to make an imprint in the mobile industry.

That is why, yet there is no news for the Tesla phone release date yet. So, whether the Tesla phone is truly an upcoming smartphone or just a rumor, we can’t say much about that.

Tesla Pi 5G Phone Features

Since it is not confirmed yet whether the alleged new upcoming smartphone from Tesla is a real thing or just a rumor, there is no official confirmation of the features of the phone yet. So, we don’t know if the phone is going to copy yesterday’s technology or going to add a bunch of new features. However, there are rumors that the new upcoming smartphone from Tesla will have the following features.

Solar Charging Capabilities In Tesla Phone Model Pi 5G

Now the smartphone itself will become a walking charging station with its Solar charging Tesla system. According to the rumor, in 30 minutes in direct sunlight, the device will replenish the battery by 20%. Very impressive numbers, considering that many smartphones currently in use will not always please with such a speed of charging from even electricity.

Tesla Phone Pi G model is going to become a clear favorite for fans of clean green energy. And climate change fighters will become a walking advertisement for the Tesla phone Pi 2023 model.

Built for Gaming

The developers put a lot of emphasis on performance, graphics, and neural networks in the phone. At a minimum, the device is sharpened for gamers in all respects: fast image rendering, high processor power, and extra acceleration in powerful games.

The characteristics of the processor in the Tesla Phone model Pi are comparable to the Apple 13 Pro. So, at least, the latest enhanced version of Apple easily competes.

Free & Unlimited Internet

And do not forget about the focus of Elon Musk’s company on space technology. The Starlink project through satellites will be equipped with wireless Internet to our planet. Such a network is especially relevant in places where the regular Internet does not catch or catch big interruptions.

For example, you have gone to the jungle, got into force majeure, and deadlines are on fire at work. You can always have a video conference, swinging on a liana or from the top of a desert island palm tree.

The new Tesla Pi Phone will be able to connect to Starlink directly. Satellite Internet will be available to smartphone owners free of charge from anywhere in the world for an unlimited time.

Connect With The Electric Tesla CarpCar

In combination with the Tesla electric car, the smartphone will become one. First, there is a technology for wirelessly charging a phone from a car battery at a distance of up to 3 meters with a power of 5 watts. You don’t even have to take the device out of your pocket or purse to start the process. Reminds the development of the Chinese Xiaomi.

Secondly, technology is being launched under the control of the Neuralink brain implant, which will analyze your behavior on the network. Before you have time to think about where you want to get to, the route will be laid out in the navigator. This will be an additional built-in chip that works with Neuralink.

Electric cars Industry experts state that the new Tesla phone will be integrated better with Tesla’s cars, giving them more control through the tap of a button.

Smart cameras

The vanishing camera, or chameleon camera, will be an additional focus of the Tesla Phone. The development consists of the fact that the filming module (4 cameras per 3 square cm) is covered with electrochromic glass. Therefore, during everyday use of the phone, the owner will not see the “peephole” of the camera. This technology does not carry a payload, it is intended only for the aesthetic appearance of the smartphone. A trifle, but nice.

Moreover, whenever we try to capture the night sky with our phone camera, it becomes hard to get sharp, clear photographs of astronomical objects. However, in the present day, some smartphones are equipped with Artificial Intelligent-powered cameras that allow photographing the night sky clearly, but the Tesla phone’s extraterrestrial focus will take things to the very next level.

Thus, model Pi from Tesla may establish to be a valid instrument for inexperienced astronomers, and for this, thanks to its advanced low-light capabilities as well as increased power to recognize & identify unique astronomical objects with more prominent accuracy. And since Tesla has a well-known track record of innovation, such a smartphone would probably be well-liked by customers.

Therefore, while it is possible that we will not be capable of visiting space anytime soon on our own, Tesla may be capable of providing us with the greatest thing which is the opportunity to learn further about the cosmos from the comfort of our place.

Mining Your Cryptocurrency

Elon Musk developed the Marscoin cryptocurrency. Now tune in to the fact that the smartphone will mine and earn on its own using the built-in processor. Considering connections to the Starlink network, the connection will be secure for data and mining. Let’s hope that the developer’s satellite communications will become quite common when the phone is released.

The gossip is that Tesla’s new Pi model phone would be able to mine a new crypto-coin known as MarsCoin. However, for this, some powerful hardware would require to be implemented. What is clear is that in case Tesla can pull it off, it will be a game-changer fact for the crypto industry. Now only time will reveal whether this rumor is true or not.

Compatible With Starlink

The Tesla Model Pi phone is said to be compatible with Starlink. This is typically a broadband satellite-based internet service supplier by SpaceX. This service from SpaceX is public in 36 countries as of July 2022, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, France, and Italy.

Starlink’s 3k satellites rotate at 340 miles (550 kilometers) altitude, intercommunication with each other as well as with base stations on Earth known as ” gateway stations,” as well as beam internet down to the antennas of the users.

Model Pi phone’s compatibility with Starlink would allow people to directly attach to the network from their Tesla phone, providing them access to a trustworthy internet connection anywhere anytime. This’s a major action for the Tesla Pi phone and will certainly be a highly expected feature for several users.

Support for Neuralink Corporation

A technology known as Neuralink may someday allow people to use objects with just their minds. Although this technology is yet in its development stage, if it is successful, implants may have a broad application spectrum.

Neuralink, for example, might be utilized by a person with a disability to operate a robotic limb. The technique might possibly be applied to less alluring activities like operating a smartphone. Here is exactly where this new Tesla phone comes into play.

There is gossip that the Tesla phone Pi model comes with a brain interface that will allow you to operate the phone with just your thoughts. This will be a considerable development for Neuralink as well as might spread the attention of the technology. Even though Neuralink presently faces several obstacles to be solved before becoming a reality, the promise is exciting.

Tesla Pi Phone Specifications

The Tesla Pi phone from Elon Musk is reportedly be provided with the following features:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 8th series
  • The level of moisture and dust protection IP68
  • Type-C 100W fast charging
  • In-Built memory to pick from 512 GB to 1 TB
  • Up to 100% charging speed in not more than 10 min;
  • Battery capacity isn’t reported yet
  • The camera is provided with 4 lenses, along with breathtaking night photography (for night sky photos), macro, as well as ultra-wide angle modes in this new phone.

Tesla Phone model’s OS will probably be iOS 14. This is slightly metaphorical of competition with Apple products’ Operating system.

How To Buy Tesla Pi Mobile Online?

The Tesla phone model PI 5G should undoubtedly be at the top-most list in case you are searching for the best Android phone in 2023. It has all features & specifications you may ever want, as well as Tesla Model Pi price is also reasonable. How can you buy the Tesla model Pi phone then?

Here is where you can buy the Tesla phone model PI 5G and how to do it.

  • Visit the authorized website of
  • Then move forward to the Discover section
  • Now press on ‘Tesla Pi Mobile’
  • Select the ROM and RAM option
  • Fill in the valid address in the Address section
  • Click on the ‘pay mode’ option
  • Last place your Order for this new phone


You should therefore be fully aware of the Tesla Phone Pi model after reading this blog. Everything about this phone, from its characteristics to its price in 2023, is top-notch! Unquestionably, in case you are looking for an Android phone that’s both powerful and stylish, the Tesla Pi phone is worth a look.

And now it is time for the official release date to come and an official announcement to confirm the Tesla Pi smartphone release. Hope for the best. Let’s the Tesla Pi phone is soon coming to the market!


Q. How much is the Tesla phone going to cost?

A. The Tesla phone company has not published the Tesla Pi price yet. Details of cost, the Tesla Phone model Pi 5G is Expected to be priced at $999 (starting). This phone from Tesla is very strong and contains new characteristics in it.

This Tesla phone is reportedly their flagship phone which is almost set to release in the United States Of America market in early 2023. Also, this Tesla Model Pi phone will have an initiating price of around $999 and is predicted to be among the most famous phones in the smartphone industry.

Sadly, there are no trustworthy rumors regarding the Australian release date of this Tesla Pi phone model. Moreover, the cost of the Tesla Phone Pi model in Australia is still not known. Netizens are only aware of the fact that the Tesla Pi Phone model cost in Australia hasn’t yet been revealed, but reports indicate that it may start at $999 as well as cost INR 1,20,000 in India.

Q. Why is the Tesla phone good?

A. The 6.7″ OLED screen, which has a refresh speed of 120 Hz, is great. 512 GB of internal storage. RAM: 8 GB of storage. A 50 MP three-camera system is used in each camera. The selfie camera features a 40 MP resolution with excellent image quality. All these features of the Tesla Pi phone make the phone good.

Q. Is Tesla phone coming?

A. Well there is no confirmation from Tesla’s official authority, but there are rumors that either in late 2023 or early 2024, Tesla will come into the market with a Pi model.