iOS hit Ridiculous Fishing on its way to Android


Indie is recreation. Ridiculous fishing receivers have been unique to Apple’s platform for much longer. Developer Clamber has announced that an Android version of the sport is in the works on its developer blog. To this point, the game has offered virtually 300,000 copies considering its ions unlock back in March. Because of this, it is drawing near the $1 million point mark in gross sales earnings. Unluckily sufficient, the Android model has no certain unlock date yet.

“On account of common request, we’ve been working with Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend on account that March to see if we can create an Android model of Ridiculous Fishing, the post reads. “The breakthrough got here when we met with the oldsters at Approvable, who have a framework to port the game to Android. That port is now almost executed, and the next time you see us citing this should be when it releases. It could be faster than you think.”


I ponder how much cash that bottle’s price is.

It is no secret that we love Ridiculous Fishing. We have been in love since the moment we acquired our hands on it. Even after the handiest attending to play it for a few minutes on a chum’s phone, this has been a mainstay in my very own telephone ever because. The premise is inconspicuous: send your trap down into the deepest depths of the waters without touching anything else, and the moment you feel something, you come up grabbing the entire fish you need on your means back.

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When you hit the outside, you place away your fishing rod, bring out the enormous guns (literally), and gun down the entire fish to get money. You can buy upgrades as neatly, including fishing strains that help you go deeper, akimbo minimums and hairdryers, and toasters that add life underwater. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assert that owing to its tight gameplay and hilarious writing, this is almost certainly one of the absolute best ions games we’ve ever played.