Indian girl designs ‘Shama’ solar-powered concept sunglasses to charge your iPhone


Wearables are the rage, particularly with Google Glass considering wider liberate soon. However, Glass shouldn’t be the one wearable of its type, and it’ll have loads of competition once it begins rolling out. One such rival can be Ray-Ban’s new prototype sunlight-powered sun shades. Dubbed the Ray-Ban “Shame,” the idea that the instrument has a frame that may capture solar energy all over the day, which will then be used to charge a phone or any ion instrument with a Lightning port.

An arm of the glasses can be detached, revealing a connector that may be plugged straight into a phone. Vitality is claimed to be saved throughout the body of the sunglasses.


Shades to energy your Smartphone? Why not now?

Thought up through Indian clothier Say Kaluskar alee, the wearable is only thought up to now. She merely took a pair of Ray-Ban sun shades and positioned small solar panels on each aspect of the frame, permitting the sunglasses to harness sun power throughout the day, which was pesky. She designed it as a part of the coed challenge at the San Francisco campus of the Miami ad faculty. The identity is the Urdu phrase for a lamp or candle.

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After all, there are questions on how sensible this idea is. But making an allowance for the battery drain in devices in this day and age, we hope Ray-Ban can get this outfitted onto a pair of Wayfarers quickly so that you would be able to have a look at the video using Ramiro Ramirez exhibiting off the Shame idea to know extra about how it’s going to work.