Important Questions You Should Ask Your Hardscape Contractor 


Hardscape refers to the non-living elements of your outdoor space, such as the patio, walkway, or retaining walls. If constructed properly by an experienced contractor, hardscape elements can provide you with years of enjoyment. They look cool once created and can enhance the value of your home.

However, the project can only go right if constructed by a reliable hardscape contractor. With several professionals in the market, it isn’t easy to spot the best one. Every contractor tries to portray themselves as pre-eminent, making it even more challenging to choose the right one. But, to ascertain that you are hiring the most trusted hardscape constructor, ask him a few relevant questions. By getting the answer to these questions, you will decide whether the contractor is worth hiring.

Hardscape Contractor

Question #1. For how many years have you been working as a hardscape contractor? 

It is the first and the most important question that you should never skip asking. It will help you learn whether the contractor has enough experience. Remember, the more the number of years, the more will be the experience. An experienced contractor has gathered a lot of knowledge over the years and has learned a lot from his mistakes, enabling him to render you the best services. So, it is extremely recommended to hire an experienced hardscape constructor only.

Question #2. Do you have a license and insurance? 

License and insurance are the important documents that any professional hardscape constructor should have. The license indicates that the constructor has acquired a license and is permitted by the higher authorities only because he has fulfilled all the formalities of being a hardscape professional.

Further, insurance can protect you from falling into debt. An insured contractor will not hold you liable for any mishap at your property during hardscape construction. The insurance company will provide coverage for everything.

Question #3. Can you provide a list of references? 

Next, collect a list of references from the contractors you intend to hire and talk to their previous customers. While conversing, ask them if they were satisfied with the services and whetherwhether they recommend hiring him. Speaking to the references, you will have a clearer vision about whether to employ the constructor.

Question #4. Can I see your portfolio? 

Always expect a yes in return. A reputable hardscape contractor maintains a portfolio of his past work to present it to his new clients. It will make it clear whether the contractor can meet your needs or not. If he denies showing his past projects, then there is probably something wrong. In such a scenario, look for some other hardscape contractor.

Question #5. How much will the entire project cost? 

Lastly, ask about the cost of the entire project. Ensure that everything stays within your budget constraints so you don’t fall short of money to meet your basic needs. Collect the quotes from three to four contractors, compare them, and finally hire the one who meets your needs.