I joined the beauty buyer’s club that sends you luxury makeup for cheap


Late final yr, a new provider known as Beauty Pie was released, and its type confused everybody. The provider claimed to promote real high-priced beauty merchandise for drugstore prices — after a month or every year’s club rate. What appeared to correct to be true had me asking: What the hell qualifies as a “luxury” product? How does the hell this club certainly work? Should I be tossing my VIB Rouge card in the rubbish? I went on a venture to find out. Basically, Beauty Pie claims to buy products right away from luxurious-splendor factories and promote them at their manufacturing price. I joined the splendor purchaser’s membership that sends you costly makeup for reasonably-priced.


What factories those in truth ARE, I can not affirm. But that is what Beauty Pie’s website says about its manufacturers: “Beauty Pie merchandise are produced at the sector’s main luxury cosmetics and pores and skin care labs and manufacturers. We presently produce products in France, Korea, Italy, Germany, the UK, and the USA. Each of our man or woman object pages States u. S . A. Of the beginning of the product featured.” Super indistinct, but I’ll roll with it. But to get right of entry to the reasonably-priced production unit-primarily based charges, you’ve got to shop for membership. In any other case, you pay a competitive market fee, which is lots higher.

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So, I went ahead and bought a membership for $10 consistent with the month — however that includes capture, too. With your membership, you are given a monthly “allowance” of makeup. You can ONLY buy $one hundred fifty well worth of product in a single month — which you may spend suddenly or in the course of the month. If you do not expand your allowance one month, it sincerely rolls over into the following. That sounds like a shit ton of makeup before everything; however, this allowance isn’t based on the ones remarkable reasonably-priced manufacturing unit charges. They’re based on aggressive luxurious fees. Woof.

And even though Beauty Pie’s pickings are slimmer than mosts manufacturers, this makes searching for the month REALLY tough for several one-time patrons. Sure, the net website gives pretty much each type of makeup you may ever need — lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, the works — however, there are only some options to choose from within the one’s categories. And nearly all of this merchandise is available in one approach. To a person who already owns all of these things and is not exactly certain what merchandise they want to believe in, determining wherein to spend those treasured allowance greenbacks can revel in as dire as choosing a remaining meal.

So, how a notable deal makeup can my $10 membership by me in a single month? And how masses will it surely fee if I buy it a multi-function swing? Beauty pie photograph: Beauty Pie. It turns out, $100 fifty really worth of product have to get me a basis, a highlighter, an eyeliner pen, and a lipstick. As you will see on this screenshot, I did have $8 to spare. However, the only items I should be comfy with that amount were more eyeliners or lipsticks, so I exceeded them.
The introduced charge of those four items at factory fee plus my $10 monthly rate brought as tons as a groovy $25.45 — after transport, I paid $30 even. It might no longer appear like an excellent deal, but I come to be quite inspired upon check out, seeing as I had sold 4 products for what I typically pay for one highlighter. Because I knew I grow to be only allowed three to five products, I went beforehand and were given four products I use on a near-each day basis — the ones also are the products for which I surely have excellent requirements. Sure, they’re cheap, but I need to invite: Are those merchandise up to par? Because in the occasion that they may be not, I’m going to rebellion. Just kidding. But I will cancel my membership.

My order arrived from Europe spherical weeks after I located my order, and I right now took observer of the packaging. Beauty Pie does NOT deliver the lovely, heavy packaging that one expects of steeply-priced makeup. And in this case, it’s an incredible aspect. Beauty Pie’s internet site states that it avoids weighted packaging and uses recycled substances for its packaging to be environmentally sustainable. Despite the dearth of heft but, every object is rather glossy and minimum. I did now not get the results I predicted from the Everyday Great Skin Foundation. While Beauty Pie describes this foundation as matte and medium-coverage, it took on a lighter, dewy end on my pores and pores and skin. But it really is not a bad aspect! I’m best a Full Coverage, Queen, almost about the foundation, which I do not place on regularly.

But after carrying it for a full day, I REALLY desired it. In fact, I have now not worn each different foundation given that attempting this. While its consistency is skinny, its insurance is buildable, and it blends so flawlessly. Not most effective that, but it’s far one of the most secure, pores and pores and skin-like foundations I’ve ever worn. Would I pay the competitive price of $40 4 for it? Probably not. The Pro-Glow Highlighter is, in truth, mesmerizing in its compact. Legitimately, I stared at it for ten mins right away after establishing it. Beauty Pie’s internet site states that it offers you an “at once” glow it’s buildable.