How to Start a Blog without Any Tech Skills


You can start a blog without any tech skills by buying a WordPress subscription ($20 per year) and using it to create a free website. The free blogging platform also has several themes and plugins that make it easy to customize the look of your site. And, if you decide you’d rather use your domain name instead of having WordPress take over. Blogging is great for making money online and building a community around your niche. It’s not easy and requires some tech skills.

This can be unsafe if you don’t know anything about coding, let alone how to start a blog. There are a lot of bloggers who wish they had some basic tech skills.

We’ll teach you the basics of starting a blog and how to create content so that you can build a profitable blog and a thriving community around your niche.

If you are a beginner, then chances are you are very eager to start a blog. You want to be an online entrepreneur, earn money, become popular, have many followers, and, most importantly, start a business. Sounds great.

Blog Tech Skills

What is a blog?

If you’re wondering why you should start a blog, it’s simple. A blog is simply a website that publishes regular content. It’s a personal blog, business blog, or even a news blog. ‘A blog allows you to communicate with your audience and build relationships. It’s like conversing with your customers, except you get paid for it.

Promote the blog on social media.

You should know the potential risks when starting a blog, but they are manageable.

The first step is to promote your blog on social media.

You’ll need to use the platform most suited to your audience.

If you’re looking for the best fit, the platform that generates the most traffic is Facebook.

Next, start promoting your blog on Twitter and Instagram.

It might seem like too much work if you’re a beginner, but it’s not. It’s easier than creating an app or building an e-commerce site.

If you’re good at SEO, you can use Facebook and Instagram to do both, so you don’t need a separate social media presence.

Once you’ve built up a following on these platforms, you can promote your blog. You can use the same methods for any other social media campaign. You can run ads on Facebook and Instagram, create sponsored posts, and even create a giveaway.

Promote it on your social media pages.

While most bloggers have social media pages for themselves, they often forget about promoting their posts on these pages. It takes a lot of time to build up a following on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

If you’ve got the time, it’s worth investing in building an audience. But there are other ways of getting people to notice your content. For example, you can promote your post on your social media pages, such as your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

There are several reasons why you should do this.

First, it’s free. You don’t need to spend money to get more followers and likes.

Second, it can significantly improve your chances of driving traffic to your website. People are likelier to see content shared by a popular blogger or a famous personality.

Third, it can help your articles get more exposure.

Finally, it can help your brand get more recognition and authority.

Build your first blog page.

The easiest way to build your first blog page is to use a free WordPress plugin called Yoast. You can create your carrier with custom titles, descriptions, keywords, and meta tags.

The process is straightforward, but if you’re unfamiliar with web development, hiring a developer to help you is a good idea.

How to start a blog for free

If you’re starting a blog, you can create a free account for free. Once you’ve signed up, you can start writing immediately.

WordPress makes it incredibly simple to get started and to grow your blog. There are no limits to the number of posts you can write, and you can choose from thousands of different themes.

Frequently Asked Questions Tech Skills

Q: Why did you start this blog?

A: I want to document my travels as a fashion model, but I am not a writer. I want to show that anyone can create a fashion blog.

Q: What’s the first step to making money?

A: I think writing about the experience of traveling is the first step.

Q: Do you know any bloggers who started with little or no tech skills?

A: I would like to meet them! I’ve been watching some blogs. They all look interesting! Lately, they seem easy to follow.

Q: Can anyone start a blog?

A: Yes! I started my blog because I wanted to share things with my friends and family, but I did not know how to make money. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can start a blog!

Q: How do you plan on making money?

A: I don’t know yet. I might start a business where I sell products from countries I visit. I think a blog is a good way to document my experiences.

Top Myths About Tech Skills

1. You only need money and a computer to start a blog.

2. You don’t need any tech skills or experience to start a blog.

3. A blog is just like a website, with no backend.


Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Many people have turned their hobbies into blogs. Some people even quit their jobs to blog full-time. Blogging can be an easy way to make money online. You need to ensure you provide valuable content that your readers will enjoy.

The process of starting a blog is fairly straightforward. Once you have an idea for a blog, you can start by picking a domain name. This is the URL visitors type into their browsers to visit your site. Then you can start posting regularly. If you’re looking for more information, check out my course on blogging!