How to send greeting cards right from your iPhone


Clever Cards integrates with fib so you could speedy see whose birthdays are coming near — and send them cards, of course.

Until lately, I was once a fairly regular customer of Apple’s playing cards app, which allowed me to choose any photo in my camera Roll, add it to a greeting card for almost any get together, write a customized message, and get it printed and mailed to the recipient(s) of my option — involved in just a few bucks.

CleverCards integrates with Facebook so you can quickly see whose birthdays are approaching -- and send them cards, of course.

Comfort, thy identify is playing cards.

Or so it was once, unless Apple quietly and unceremoniously pulled the plug again in September. I’m bummed, because the app helped me out of many a final-minute oh-crap-I-forgot-so-and-so’s-birthday jam.

Thankfully, there are possible choices. Apps like Clever Cards, Ink playing cards, and Just Wink Greeting cards give you playing cards-like choices for growing and mailing actual-world greetings, and steadily with much more selection than Apple’s app ever offered. Here’s a rundown of rewarding picks:

Clever Cards: Designed to ship each real and digital cards, Clever Cards requires you to register by way of facebook or create an account before that you would be able to even use it. If that is a turn-off, learn on — the opposite two apps don’t force you through that hoop.

However, if you are prepared to hyperlink Clever Cards along with your facebook account, you’ll to find it artful indeed: The app displays your mates’ upcoming birthdays, full with profile images of each and every person for easy perusal. Tap a person, make a selection a card, and you are off to the races. Ink Cards.

Ink playing cards.

You can additionally create a brand new card for any of the standard occasions (commencement, notion, and so forth) and send playing cards to individuals who are not fib pals. Clever Cards costs $2.99 and up for printed, mailed playing cards, but also permits you to send limitless digital versions free of charge.

Ink playing cards: This app offers a relatively huge number of playing cards across a variety of categories; however they’re no longer greeting cards in the traditional experience. Relatively, they’re personalized postcards, with a message and/or photograph on the entrance aspect and optional secondary message (and mailing address, notch) on the back.

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Which is not essentially a foul factor, and certainly Ink playing cards is the cheapskate’s option at just $1.ninety nine per printed, mailed card. (I suppose additionally it is the environmentalist’s possibility, as there isn’t an envelope headed to a landfill.) Each one comes on heavy, shiny, 5×7-inch inventory. And after you send your first card, your 2nd one is free.

Just Wink Greeting cards: here is an app for customizing precise greeting playing cards from the folks at American Greetings. Apparently, the selection is reasonably seasonal: at the moment which you could order Thanksgiving and Hanukkah cards, however there’s nothing but for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and so on. JustWink Greeting Cards.

Just Wink Greeting cards.

Just Wink also has traditional classes like Birthday, Thanks, and Congrats, along with some nontraditional ones: LGBT; Then, Soldier! and She*t acquired real.

Whatever category you make a selection, shopping is admirably easy: simply tap a card, then swipe it open to read the within. Once you may have made your selection, which you could add a photo, a personalized message, and even a handwritten signature — a great contact. Bodily playing cards cost $2.ninety nine to print and mail. You could additionally send digital cards by way of e-mail, facebook, or even text message when you are actually looking to get in under the wire.

In fact, which you could at all times take an extra ingenious solution to your mailed greetings. As an instance, I just lately dispatched anyone a batch of Polaroid-fashion snapshots courtesy of Prentice, with a birthday greeting portioned out throughout the caption space of each picture. The overall price was once about the identical as a card, and the photographs are higher perfect to refrigerator mounting and different extra everlasting properties.

In the event you’ve discovered a greeting-card app or solution you like better, discuss it up in the comments.