How to Make a Living as a Food Blogger


It’s all-too-smooth to look at your favorite food blogs and think about them as a pursuit and now not the well-oiled and really frequently money-making machines there. Look no in addition to Pinch of Yum, but to peer the monetary ability at the back of such a lot of blogs. At one time, Pinch of Yum changed into very open approximately what it earns, and it earned loads. In November 2016—the last time the blog posted a profits report—Pinch of Yum says it delivered in $ ninety-five,197.34 thru all its earnings avenues. If nothing else, that proves a meals blogger could make a very lucrative dwelling posting recipes and other food content online.

Food Blogger

Of route, not all meals blogs blossom into full-time, well-paying careers—nor have to them. Blogging for fun and sharing recipes with the world is a worthy purpose on its own, capacity earnings apart. But in case you’re trying to make a dwelling as a meals blogger, there is a ton of training to heed from the lot who have been successful.

Take Sweet Potato Soul blogger Jenné Claiborne, who labored for years to reach a degree of success that allowed her to stroll far away from her complete-time gig as a private chef and commit more time to her digital camera and pc display. If you’re inclined to take the chance and positioned within the work—operating 40-a few hours at an afternoon-activity simplest to come home and cook, take and edit snapshots, write recipes, and publish your content at night time—Claiborne has a few exquisite recommendations on the way you, too, can make quite the good living as a meals blogger.

Here’s a famous fact approximately meals blogs: many credits score their visits to Google searches, i.E., you kind in “cauliflower soup,” and Google returns a result from Cookie + Kate, a new-to-you vegetarian food weblog. Now, Cookie + Kate has a new reader—but it won’t have attracted your interest had it no longer been for that Google seek. By starting now, even before you’re in love with a weblog call, you could increase a cache of content material so that it will help elevate your site in Google search. “You can trade the name, purchase the area, and refine the look later,” Claiborne factors out. With your new blog, try to “submit at least as soon as per week, especially inside the starting so you can build seek engine traffic in your website online,” she advises.

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Now, Claiborne publishes one blog publish, one video, and one e-newsletter each week, and he or she supplements her online content with social media extras. “I submit this regularly because it works first-rate for my accomplice and me,” she says. “If we had a larger group, we’d do greater.” While Claiborne doesn’t think of her paintings in terms of “what number of backed posts will same a residing rate,” as she puts it, she is aware this agenda permits her to pay herself and her husband monthly profits from their business profits. (She declined to reveal those specific numbers.) “Our revenue lets in us to pay our prices and store,” Claiborne says. Expenses consist of groceries that can range from $50 to $100 every week and website hosting and preserving the internet site that may attain approximately $1,000 a yr, Claiborne stocks. Savings, she says, pay for taxes and investments into the business, amongst other financial savings goals. Plus, “we’ve monthly commercial enterprise income desires that we attempt to increase yearly or quarterly,” she says.

Food Blogger

“More than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, a mailing list is a pleasant way to stay on humans’ minds and let them recognize about your paintings due to the fact you cross directly to their electronic mail inbox,” says Claiborne. The extra readers you have got—and the extra visits your website gets—the more appealing you turn out to be to capacity advertisers and sponsors, and the extra money you could hope to make from affiliate hyperlinks. Claiborne uses MailChimp, which is loose to apply if you send emails to fewer than 2,000 subscribers. (GetResponse, Emma, and Constant Contact are some other paid alternatives.) “Send your publication as a minimum once per week, and make certain to ship your subscribers valuable content material,” Claiborne instructs. “In my e-newsletter, I include a creation with a non-public observe, a link to my maximum latest video and weblog publish, my upcoming events, recipes, and numerous links to my social media.”

We can’t say it is sufficient: the more eyeballs you can get for your weblog, the more you could (theoretically) earn as a food blogger. Another way to draw more readers is by making sure all of your content material is search-engine optimized. “I use an easy plugin in for WordPress called Yoast search engine marketing to assist me to enhance the SEO great of my posts, so that I can be ranked better on search engines like google and yahoo,” Claiborne stocks. “Also, I use Google Trends to analyze how properly positive keywords will do. And I use a free Chrome plugin known as Keywords Everywhere to improve the high-quality of my key phrases used for my weblog.”

That cool $ ninety-five,000 Pinch of Yum earned in a single month? It came from 14 specific assets. Claiborne also earns her meals running a blog in lots of approaches. She gives backed posts on her blog, YouTube channel, newsletter, social media platforms, and more; she often accepts ambassadorships for merchandise. They also earn money from affiliate applications and hyperlinks. Any of these resources can upload up—but handiest after time, Claiborne warns. (Her first sponsorship handiest paid some hundred dollars, rarely the form of money you want to make in a full-time activity.) She suggests using Social Blue Book, a device that will help you to calculate how a great deal you could anticipate charge to your services based on your modern readership, web page perspectives, social media engagement, analytics, and more.

“I’ve used this approach to assist grow my Instagram and YouTube structures,” that can in turn help grow your backside line, Claiborne points out. “Having blogger buddies is also beneficial due to the fact they may be the friends who apprehend your process—and you could assist and assist each other alongside the way,” Claiborne adds. “Being buddies with other bloggers is wonderful for networking too. My buddies and I recommend each different for paid work with brands all of the time.”