How to find your Mac’s serial number


Your Mac’s serial number is required for guarantee carrier, among other advantages that Apple deals its buyers. Therefore, whereas now not repeatedly used, you may now and again need to seem to be it up. whereas that you would be able to at all times appear in your Mac’s chassis to find the broadcast label that comprises the serial number, there are a variety of extra ways do that, a few of that are extra convenient than others.

In addition to the use of the Mac’s chassis, one of the simplest ways to seek out your Mac’s serial number is to make use of the About This Mac data panel that is within the Apple menu. make a selection this selection, then click the grey model string to your installation of OS X. this will likely toggle the string between showing the OS model, the OS construct number, and your gadget’s serial quantity. Clicking the text below the “OS X” label will divulge your Mac’s serial quantity.


the following option is to make use of the device information utility’s “About” panel, which is to be had by clicking “more info” in the “About This Mac” panel, or with the aid of opening the instrument in the functions > Utilities folder, then urgent Command-I. With this panel open, one can find your Mac’s edition number and a few hardware data within the Overview part, alongside with your Mac’s serial number.

The system knowledge device also generates an in-depth system record. That is executed through clicking the “device file” button in the about panel, or just by opening the device data tool right away from the Finder. within the document, which you could click the “Hardware” section (this is the default part), then within the “Hardware Overview” you will have to see the serial number listed, in addition to with different details akin to processor, reminiscence, and cache data.

The device knowledge utility also has a somewhat vague possibility as a way to talk the serial quantity to you. As with many applications in OS X, which you could spotlight the serial quantity within the Hardware Overview list, then right-click on the selection and make a selection the technique to speak it; however, this will likely talk the serial number moderately hastily. Instead, simply press Command-four in the system information device and the default textual content-to-speech voice will discuss the serial quantity at a slower %.  Operating this Terminal command will expose your machine’s serial number, together with different details about your machine.

The final choice is to seem up the device’s serial number within the OS X Terminal, which may be helpful if you’re logged into a remote machine via SSH. To do that, you will need to use the “system profiler” command. This command when used by it will generate the same lengthy file which is produced whilst you open the gadget knowledge utility, so used alone it will provide too much knowledge. However, that you could limit its output to displaying only hardware information (which accommodates the machine’s serial number) via operating the following version of the command:

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System profiler SPHardwareDataType

This command can also be further refined through piping its output through “grip” and filtering it to just show strains that incorporate the word “Serial,” by means of the following command:

System profiler SPHardwareDataType choices, you must be able to locate your Mac’s serial number, which is useful for verifying eligibility for guarantee service or other assistance supplied by Apple.