Heat for all with the Searzall


The Searzall is part of a brand-new culinary lineup.

Anywhere there’s a fireplace, we will be looking to tame it. ; But as time has passed, we have now traded flame for electrical energy, within the names of security and convenience. However, simply because our kitchens are populated with safe stovetops and handy microwave ovens doesn’t mean we now have to give up the search for flavor. And even hearth. That is especially true within the kitchen; the place hearth equals deliciousness.

One popular kitchen item is a culinary torch. The little butane-powered gadgets are used for duties reminiscent of ending soups vide meals or caramelizing sugar for crème Brule. However, the little lighters regularly would not have the fireplace energy important for greater applications. Therefore, many up the ante and switch to blowtorches to get the job accomplished like the sort used for welding.


Tools in the kitchen and gear within the storage do not regularly go collectively, but the results can be delicious once they do. Alternatively, the drawback is getting the parts to suit. Enter the Searzall. The tool is made to connect to a typical blowtorch, turning it right into a handheld broiler. Which include a couple of tremendous mesh screens (and a wire cage exterior for safety); the instrument takes the extreme, centered flame of the blowtorch and spreads it out. The result is dispensed heat that gives better protection without sacrificing the high warmth that creates a delicious sear.

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Conceived as a complement to soups vide cooking, the crust-making fire tamer is a high-powered kitchen accessory that seeks to blaze a brand new path — and it appears to be doing simply that: the Searzall Kick starter marketing campaign is off to a roaring start, having nearly completed full funding in just a few days.