Guntersville teacher finds second career as fashion blogger


Savilla Mountain is not through coaching when she comes home from a day inside the study room at Albertville Primary School.

That’s while she sits down to start blogging as “Vogue For Breakfast,” and begins dishing out her understanding of style and style.

That might not sound like lots of a business until one learns that Mountain has 20,000 Instagram fans who search for her mind on garb and add-ons. Traffic on her internet site is growing, and she or he’s taking into account forming her own LLC.

From blogging? You ask. Well, more manufacturers are considering the fee of “influencer advertising” – the use of bloggers with dependable followings to move the marketplace through sponsorship.

“I suppose a variety of people don’t completely recognize what I’m doing,

She said. “They assume I’m just getting loose stuff and taking photos of it. But I’m working with brands like American Greeting Cards and Coca-Cola.”

Spotlighting a logo includes becoming something of a brand yourself. “Vogue for Breakfast” posts begin with a snappy “Hi Babes!” and then segue into Mountain’s mind on a specific style. She follows with pix of herself taken by means of her husband, showing off the looks.

Each weblog publish encompasses quite a few making plans – while to publish, which pictures to use, the format. But the concept is to have the reader interact in my view with the blog and its author. That’s how impact occurs. According to Adweek, eighty-one percent of entrepreneurs say influencer campaigns are effective.

Mountain is not giving high fashion suggestions, even though. She can’t – no longer on an instructor’s revenue. Her weblog started simply as a creative outlet; just some other way to proportion her fashion likes and provide tips on low-priced looks and her favored beauty products and accessories.

Those first weblog posts have been primitive, with iPhone photos. She admits she failed to realize plenty about the format or web layout. When she offered her domain, she wasn’t simply positive what that intended.

“I watched a number of YouTube videos and figured it out as I went,” she said.

It changed into handiest later, as her target audience began to enlarge, that she understood she ought to turn it right into a lucrative outlet. She simply completed her 5th yr of coaching, however, she stated the cash coming in from blogging is becoming a larger slice of her earnings.

Eagle Watching at Lake Guntersville, Alabama


The Lake Guntersville place in northeast Alabama is a popular spot for eagle watching at some point of the wintry weather months. Migratory golden and bald eagles typically arrive in past due November to make the area their transient domestic. Females will lay eggs in December and January. Nesting birds will continue to be the place until spring, as eaglets will stay in the nest for approximately 3 months.

A water source is significantly critical for eagle habitat, in view that tons of their eating regimen are fish. The eagles want to nest in tall trees alongside the beaches of the Tennessee River and Lake Guntersville. The Alabama Department of Natural Resources conducts eagle surveys to music the numbers of nesting birds every 12 months. There had been 30 nests sighted around Lake Guntersville and 35 nests noticed along the Tennessee River in January 2012.

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Lake Guntersville State Park, near the town of Guntersville,

Gives an Eagle Awareness program on weekends in January and February. The unfastened applications are led by a park naturalist and informative visitor speakers with live birds. The weekend sports include guided subject journeys to eagle nesting sites inside the place. Different visitor speakers are scheduled each week and encompass wildlife biologists and naturalists from the Alabama Wildlife Center, the Coosa River Science Center, Save Our American Raptors, and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Wildlife photographers will offer pointers on taking pinnacle satisfactory outdoor snapshots. The weekend events kick off at the Lake Guntersville Resort State Park Lodge. The kingdom park offers weekend packages that encompass accommodations and meals.

Guntersville Dam is every other famous spot for eagle looking. The hydroelectric dam is located in Marshall County off Hwy 431, among Guntersville and Huntsville. The place underneath the dam has an easy one-mile loop path for trekking. Goose Pond Colony at Scottsboro, Alabama is some other appropriate viewing web page. This municipal lodge is positioned on a peninsula in Lake Guntersville. Visitors can also enjoy golfing and fishing on the resort. Goose Pond Colony is positioned at 417 Ed Hembree Drive.

Eagles and different migratory birds are frequently visible at nearby Buck’s Pocket State Park, a stop at the North Alabama Birding Trail. The parks forget about offers panoramic perspectives of the gorge reduce into Sand Mountain through South Sauty Creek, a tributary of the Tennessee River. The park has 20 miles of hiking trails as well as camping and picnicking centers. Buck’s Pocket State Park is located on the east side of Lake Guntersville close to the metropolis of Grove Oak.

Tony Montana Was My TA (Teacher’s Assistant)


Teaching in a boys’ jail for four years taught me greater than I wanted to understand approximately the juvenile detention device. Most of these young guys had the odds stacked against them from early on. I hope we’re giving them a robust second threat in those ‘honor camps.’

At least, Mr. Montana helped me train the Cold War. As a Cuban refugee inside the movie Scarface, he becomes a rare reference factor I should find with my college students-incarcerated male teenagers in a boys’ jail camp on the outskirts of San Diego. They could argue approximately something and often did.

Their tune truly remains with me. I traded eight mins of lecture time for one music on my PC. Everything had to be negotiated with those boys.

During a recent 4-12 months stint as an alternative trainer en route to a credential, the county asked if I would be inclined to work with “at hazard” youths. I become despatched to several facilities for afflicted, addicted or convicted excessive school-aged teens. My remaining forestall turned into a lock-down, razor-wire facility for the “terrible boys.”

Every day I marched past probation guards, via a couple of locked gates into barren classrooms that reeked of pepper spray. Many times, there were blood splatters on the floors and desks. They broke into fights without a caution.

The boys informed me that I looked like an undertaker because I wore all black. After showing up to teach sooner or later in what I might call “Bob Marley colorings,” probation quickly informed me that they had been also the crowd colors for most of the detainees. I needed to teach in an overcoat that day and performed it safe with all black after that.

Every hour, a project could supply a new group of inmates. They had been marched in with fingers out, heads down and an arm’s durations apart. If there was any tension or the lads seemed disturbing, one or two guards could sit next to my desk whilst I taught. When it changed into the calmer, probation officers stood out of doors and watched via mesh windows.

Trying to teach World War ll to college students who had in no way heard of the Holocaust was tough. Explaining genocide to gangbangers was peculiar. They liked how Socialism sounded until we studied the resulting hell on the planet.

Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre, and Nipsey Hussle will ring in my ears forever. Snoop Dog become Snoop the Lion and brought the allegedly deceased rapper Tupac returned to life (and on level) in hologram at a concert in Coachella. The target market went into shock. If you could get beyond the language, it’s an exciting take a look at revival.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger


Starting a blog may additionally appear daunting, but having the proper know-how at your fingertips and following valuable pointers allow you to now not handiest begin your very own weblog, however, make it a whole fulfillment.

It is important to observe that now not all people has the capacity to interact with an audience, so your first step to turning into a success style blogger is to be unique. Take a while and undergo a number of the fashion blogs which might be already a fulfillment, find what they appear to be and what value they provide to their readers. You need to set yourself apart, you want your blog to stand out and be distinctive from the others, something to be able to entice readers on your weblog each day, assisting you to boost your visibility online and draw more readers to your website.

Knowing your audience is important. Your weblog has to be centered in your unique target market. Are you writing for a younger, extra hip audience or are you writing to percentage your fashion knowledge with an older target audience? With your target market in mind you may layout your blog, pick a subject matter and begin writing to attract the audience and drag them to your web page.

It is vital that you understand the way to grasp your audience’s interest. This may be the usage of excessive best photos of garb gadgets, writing content material that your target audience can relate to and so one can train them something about the modern-day fashion trends or you want to provide them with a risk to read reviews on garments and then make their purchase out of your website, saving them time looking for the object after they determine they prefer it.