Google sends out invites for July 24 event, expected to unveil Android 4.3


Google seems to be getting ready for a new announcement. In keeping with The Verge, the corporation has begun sending out press invites for some events scheduled for July 24. The experience is ready to be led by Android and Chrome OS chief Sunder Pica. Popular opinion seems to be that the corporation will finally raise the curtains on the much-awaited Android 4.3. Others imagine the corporation can even sing their praises for the long-overdue Nexus 7 refresh. In closing, we heard about Android four.3; the firmware had been leaked for the Google Play version and the LTE-enabled Snapdragon version of the Galaxy S4. Numerous fascinating issues have been published through this leak, equivalent to modifications to the notification-based total APIs, where apps can access notifications properly as a substitute for using exploits in Android’s Accessibility APIs.


Google may, at last, be exhibiting a protracted-awaited replacement for Android

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Different features anticipated in Android 4.3 are largely under-the-hood things instead of the new digital camera interface. The replacement will bring about more advantageous efficiency from Android units. It will make it so that the GPU calls are lowered by around 30 %, significantly improving battery life. Wi-Fi may even be on by default, and switching it off will require hunting the option down within the menus someplace. While a Nexus 7 refresh is anticipated, some additionally consider that the corporation will blow its horns with Motorola’s new telephone, the Moto X. On the other hand, this is highly likely the reason that Moto X will likely be unveiled at its adventure through Motorola as a substitute for being proven off by Google.